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Joak 03-09-2010 19:52

Fifa 2011 release date 1. october
Not long to fifa is out, looking forward to it :D

New things:
You can be a goalie
Improved passing
Personality on how the player plays.

this is going to be game of the year after fm 11

anyone going to buy it?

Michał 04-09-2010 00:11

Will there be any new leagues available?

Joak 04-09-2010 01:04

Dont think so.. what you hoping for ?

Riazor warriors 04-09-2010 02:57

i have fifa 2010 on PS3 but all my friends play PES 2010 here in Jordan & they prefer it over FIFA 2010 4 me when i bought FIFA 2010 i like it more till i found out that u can shoot from anywhere & score in a silly way then i brought PES 2010 instead,maybe 2011 will b better

Joak 04-09-2010 13:08

pes was actually better then fifa 08 imo but now fifa is years ahead imo

Michał 04-09-2010 15:19


Originally Posted by Jmyrvold
Dont think so.. what you hoping for ?

Serbian or Croatian league mostly. But the ones like Greek, Ukrainian or Romanian are also missing especially as there are ones like Irish or Polish :D

Diego Tristan 05-09-2010 11:21

and a new think is to you can upload the music when depor comes to the field :D in this think in would be the galicia hymne and you can make a goalmusic. We have no goalmusic i m rigth??

i would buy it if riazor would be there :D

anyone knows a stadionlist??

deporiginal 05-09-2010 19:07

I'm gonna buy it for the 360, but I'm sure as hell hoping it's gonna be better than last year's edition. Fifa 09 (the 360 and PS3 version, not the pc version, that one sucks ;) ) was unbelievably good, and actually a lot better than PES. But Fifa 10 was a piece of crap. Glitches in both menus and game, the most ridiculous goal keeper I've ever seen in a football game, downright weird pitch movements by players,... I can write at least five pages about why this game was so terrible :D

I'm personally hoping for the Russian league to appear in Fifa, or at least some Russian teams. The Ukranian league would be nice too.

Diego Tristan 05-09-2010 20:24


Originally Posted by deporiginal

I'm personally hoping for the Russian league to appear in Fifa, or at least some Russian teams. The Ukranian league would be nice too.

i have forget to say it The Russian League is in!!!

Philip 06-09-2010 00:06

Here's what I know about Fifa 2011 - The Black Keys' song "Tighten Up" will be featured in the game. :D

Depor_Vin 06-09-2010 10:26

I'll be buying the game again this year. I'll be playing as Deportivo as always and as a result I'll find goals hard to come by. :D

Joak 07-09-2010 18:59

Im gonna be a goalie :D molina would be coolest :(

Shelvin 08-09-2010 09:10

Any chance to include to the Fijian League or atleast have the national team available:D..dont think so! Same old stuff...will probably download the cracked version!

Joak 08-09-2010 12:22

i doubt its a very big market for fiji :(

Shelvin 09-09-2010 00:55

depends what u mean by has a big piracy market!:D

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