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Lendoiro 29-06-2003 05:51

World Cup Germany 2006 (qualification)
Why on earth is their 4.5 spots allocated to the Asian region? Saudi Arabia and China were a disgrace to world football at the world cup, and with the decision to take away Australia's direct qualification is absurd. They should've taken 2.5 spots away from Asia, given 1 to South America, the other to Africa.

Depor_Chile 30-06-2003 00:51

now for south america are 4.5 not 4

Feliuk 30-06-2003 12:25

I have always thought that the places allocated are purely political and nothing to do with football.My feelings are they are taking places away from good footbaling continents and giving them to continents where they think football needs to grow a bit more.I agree with Australia not being given a straight place as they are the only ones (maybe New Zealand) who would ever qualify from Oceania, so they have to prove themselves against better opposition which I think is good.As for Asia getting so many spots it's just wrong and even Africa.

A.Houston 30-06-2003 16:17

Well Australia and NZ usually always win the Oceania confederation and then lose play-offs for the World Cup...but still today there was a story about how they might just scrap the Oceania confed altogether and join Asia. That way if they won they would have to beat an Asian team instead of winning 35-0 over like, Papa New Guinea or something. It's all politics with FIFA anyways.

Texas-Supporter 30-06-2003 17:53


We will raise the cup in Germany 2006

caabrego 30-06-2003 18:49


Originally Posted by Texas-Supporter

We will raise the cup in Germany 2006

Welcome :) I am convinced that turkey will be in semifinals in next world cup :)
I read that you are interested in hooligans, why? :confused:

Kenji 01-07-2003 00:49

I understand,but the presidant needs votes from Asia and Africa.
Also, Asia has a good football:Japan,South Korea.Not China

caabrego 05-09-2003 20:05

Saturday is the beginning on to road to world cup 2006 in South America, we will have a very interesting games:

Colombia - Brazil
Argentina - Chile

It seems that Brazil can win in Colombia but Chile have a very important list of players injured, it seems you will have trouble Depor_chile, don't you think?

Depor_Chile 06-09-2003 03:27

yeah Pizarro and Salas are injured and tomorrow will be a very very difficult match agains Argentina but I have to be optimistic and I hope that Chile wins in"Monumental of River" but Chile have another great players and they can make the surprise

Come on Chile!!!!!!!!

Various 06-09-2003 13:11

Forza Chile!

Depor_Chile 06-09-2003 17:28


Originally Posted by Various
Forza Chile!

thanks for the support!!!! Various

it will be a very difficult match and I forgot to said that Galdames is also injured and the worse that a ARGENTINIAN PLAYER kick galdames in the feet a very horrible injured and he will be out about 6 months is like when Peņa injured Valeron long time ago and only a yellow card was shown

unfaire :mad:

Depor_Chile 06-09-2003 22:45

final result Argentina 2 (Kili and Aimar) Chile 2 (Mirosevic and Navia)

great chile was losing 2-0 but in the second half they play great

first Jorge Acuņa (Feyenord) conected with Mirosevic (Racing) and goal then Pinilla (Inter in loan in Chievo) make a run and he pass to Navia (Morelia) and goal

Argentina was furious and start to make fouls and said "bad words" and Pinilla almost make the 3 but finally good draw in Argentina

Now Chile will play agains Peru in September 9 in Chile

riazor_lover 07-09-2003 00:15

Why on earth did Chile called off a friendly against Morocco and wanted face China instead, that's strange.
Morocco will the huge suprise in 2006.
Remeber 98 when Morocco had brazil, scotland and norway on their group.
The would qualify to the 8/1 final if brazil only made a draw against Norway but couldn't Norway won with 2-1.
these goals were scored 10 min before the end of the match.
And had bad luck with not qualifing to world cup 2002.
they were only 1 goal away from qualifing.
Senegal was very lucky.
But we kicked their asses in februari with 1-0.
Zairi had his show.
Diouf had no way to go, Naybet stopped his way.

Mattias 07-09-2003 10:40

Are you Moroccan, riazor_lover?

Sometimes teams want to have friendlies against very different teams if possible and China is different.

Ekholm 07-09-2003 14:12

I think it's harder to win the group in the European Cahmpionship or the South American than the World Cup... In world cup it's maybe four teams who don't have a chance to win a game. that's bad! What about Saudi Arabia in WC 2002??? it's a shame!!!

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