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rajacasa 20-11-2005 15:49

the best free kick shooter
for me it's juninho :D he's a magician :angel:

BeachBoy 20-11-2005 15:53

Recoba and Assunçao aswell

rajacasa 20-11-2005 15:57


Originally Posted by BeachBoy
Recoba and Assunçao aswell

assuncao always hits the bar :D

Benn 20-11-2005 16:01

yeah, juninho. He scores on nearly all of his freekicks. He's just the best§!! :D

rajacasa 20-11-2005 16:08

hari 20-11-2005 16:12

wht abt PVH???

rajacasa 20-11-2005 16:15


Originally Posted by myfavdepo
wht abt PVH???

who's PVH?

aldo 20-11-2005 16:22

PVH = Pierre van Hooijdonk.

For me it's Juninho and Assuncao, Beckham is also good but not the best.

deporik 20-11-2005 16:25

I'd guess they mean Pierre Van Hooijdonk.

I'm not sure who I'd say was the best free kick taker at the moment.

One of Ronaldinho, Assuncao, Juninho, Beckham I guess :D

Crocodile_Dundee 20-11-2005 17:14

1 - Juninho
2 - Assuncao
3 - Big Pierre
4 - Mihailjovic
5 - Recoba

Imane 20-11-2005 17:39

The best free kick taker is definitly Juninho Pernambucano.
He is the best at the moment: creativity + precision + efficiency. I doubt there is better than this.

Donato 20-11-2005 17:58

Del Piero...

vink 20-11-2005 18:48

Juninho, no question.

I think Lampard deserves mention too.

Benn 20-11-2005 18:48

Wow! Nice movie. Juninho is just better!

HasanTristan 20-11-2005 20:17

I started a similar topic more then a year ago. It would be interesting to compare the answers with these ones.

My favorite at this moment is: Juninho Pernambuco

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