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romero forever 31-01-2006 20:42

Francisco Gallardo ( loaned from Sevilla )
According to Cadena Ser , Lendoiro is trying to sign this player ...

Born: January 13, 1980
Birthplace: N/A
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 66 kg
Pos: M
Age: 26
Nationality: Spain


caabrego 31-01-2006 20:54

I hear it too :wow:

The radio said that Lendoiro will give a press conference at midnight.

Only a word to describe this day: insanity :howler:

vink 31-01-2006 20:54

Right Wing, I hope?

luquegol 31-01-2006 20:55

How is he!

luquegol 31-01-2006 20:55

Nope AM! same age as valeron

vink 31-01-2006 20:56

Info on Gallardo. Seems like he can play either wing or in the center.

Luis Fabiano 31-01-2006 20:56

Wow....It would be a good signing.

we need his experience

luquegol 31-01-2006 20:57

Luis fabiano do you know him?

caabrego 31-01-2006 21:00

For me is Valerón's perfect replacement, it isn't also our future leader -since he's 29- but for the next 6 months is OK for me, even an extra year won't be bad.

I wonder how much will Lendoiro pay for him?

romero forever 31-01-2006 21:10

In Monaco , he was very very good !

vink 31-01-2006 21:14


Originally Posted by romero forever
In Monaco , he was very very good !

Yeah, Ligue 1 player of the year in 2000!

I think this is good if it happens.

Fabian 31-01-2006 21:22

Would be great signing, a far better JCV-replacemnet than I could ever have hoped for.

Crocodile_Dundee 31-01-2006 21:27

Typical Lendoiro leaving until the very last minute.

5 years ago he was immense and he was ready to take the step to the next level but that didn't materialise but he's still a decent player and would be a good replacement for Valeron.

luquegol 31-01-2006 21:39

Hahaha! you have all been fooled its not this marcelo gallardo its the one from seville!!

luquegol 31-01-2006 21:39

Gallardo jugará cedido en el Deportivo hasta final de temporada
Martes 31/01/2006 21:23, canaldeportivo, A Coruña
Francisco Gallardo, centrocampista diestro procedente del Sevilla, jugará en el Deportivo cedido hasta el próximo 30 de junio por el club hispalense.

El futbolista tiene 25 años y se incorporará inmediatamente a la disciplina del conjunto blanquiazul.

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