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caabrego 02-12-2017 17:35

LIGA | Dec-02-2017 | matchday 14 | 18h30 | Sevila - Depor | minute-by-minute
Soria – Mercado, Lenglet, Geis, Escudero – Banega, Pizarro, Vázquez – Sarabia, Franco Ben Yedder, Nolito

Rubén Martínez – Juanfran, Schär, Sidnei, Navarro – Guilherme, Valverde, Borges – Cartabia, Lucas, Adrián

Bench: Tytoń, Arribas, Pedro Mosquera, Çolak, Carles Gil, Andone & Borja Valle


deporik 02-12-2017 18:34

Vasquez shoots over

deporik 02-12-2017 18:40

Lucas loses posession when we had a great counter on dammit

deporik 02-12-2017 18:41

Sevilla with a couple of successive corners

deporik 02-12-2017 18:41

LOL @ Nolito. Shoots 50 yards over the bar :D

deporik 02-12-2017 18:43

Good counter by Depor but cleared as the cross came in

deporik 02-12-2017 18:47

Adrian with a shot wide

deporik 02-12-2017 18:48

Another good attack from Depor but it's Lucas crossing when we could do with him in the area to finish the move off

deporik 02-12-2017 18:51

Ruben saves with his feet from Escudero

scoop 02-12-2017 18:52

guilerhme is doing a whole bag of garbage in midfield. rash and inaccurate passes

deporik 02-12-2017 18:52

Good tackle in the end on Escudero just as he was getting his shot in

deporik 02-12-2017 18:54

Mercado heads over from a free kick

deporik 02-12-2017 19:02

Good chance for Depor but Soria saves from Lucas and the rebound goes just wide of Cartabia as he went in on goal.

Sevilla the better side so far but Depor looking fairly dangerous from time to time

deporik 02-12-2017 19:02

Cartabia yellow card and he will miss the next game

deporik 02-12-2017 19:03

Ruben saves from Pizarro

tonideportivoBG 02-12-2017 19:04

My f***** internet provider let me down

deporik 02-12-2017 19:06

Great chance for Adrian but shoots straight at Soria

deporik 02-12-2017 19:09

Escudero yellow card.

Depor freekick 10 yards outside the area

deporik 02-12-2017 19:11

Cartabia shoots into the wall

Adrian goes down the right and crosses but just eludes Lucas

scoop 02-12-2017 19:14

i dunno why andone doesnt get chances. lucas just isnt doing it for me

deporik 02-12-2017 19:14

Banega takes Schar out off the ball. Clear foul and yellow card but none of the officials see it.

hari 02-12-2017 19:16

I would love to see Edu Exposition in place of Guillherme..

deporik 02-12-2017 19:16

1-0 Ben Yedder seconds before HT

deporik 02-12-2017 19:17

HT 1-0

Conceded with the last kick of the 1st half goddammit

hari 02-12-2017 19:17

Ruben should have come up in my opinion..

scoop 02-12-2017 19:19


Originally Posted by hari
I would love to see Edu Exposition in place of Guillherme..

i support this change. he is absolutely sleeping

hari 02-12-2017 19:22

For me it is more like he don't know what his duty exactly is..

deporik 02-12-2017 19:34

Lucas crosses from the left again with no-one in the middle.

If Lucas is drifting to the wing, why don't we play Andone up top????

nitraM 02-12-2017 19:35


Originally Posted by deporik
Lucas crosses from the left again with no-one in the middle.

If Lucas is drifting to the wing, why don't we play Andone up top????

I always said lucas is an AML dunno y we play him as a forward thats andones spot.

deporik 02-12-2017 19:36

Lucas shoots but saved by Soria and then Adrians shot is blocked by a defender

scoop 02-12-2017 19:36

2 sloppy sloppy passes in a row by celso
then we would want to blame a manager as a scapegoat for these ridiculous players.

deporik 02-12-2017 19:42

Ben Yedder's shot is saved by Ruben

deporik 02-12-2017 19:43

Ruben tips the ball up from Escudero and then the ball is cleared

scoop 02-12-2017 19:46

lucas still wasting corner kicks

deporik 02-12-2017 19:48

Schar left the field injured but is back on now

deporik 02-12-2017 19:49

Andone finally coming on :)

Borges subbed

deporik 02-12-2017 19:55

Krohn Dehli on

Vasquez off

deporik 02-12-2017 19:56

Guilherme with a terrible touch sets up a counter attack for them but the danger was eventually snuffed out

deporik 02-12-2017 19:59

Great flick by Andone to lucas.

Corner Depor

deporik 02-12-2017 19:59

Sidnei yellow card

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