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Olli 10-04-2004 13:27

Sidney Govou (Lyon)
Sidney Govou


Current Club: Lyon

Birth Date: July 24 1979
Birth Place: Le Puy-en-Velay
Birth Nation: France
Height: 175cm
Weight: 72Kg
Nationality: French
Position: Forward

I really like this player. He is fast and owns a brilliant technique. He has already played few games for France national team. I think he is more a midfielder than a forward....dunno. But what do know is that he would be a good player for depor! :D

ps. I'm sorry if there's no a picture above. I tried to put there one but I'm not sure if it is there. We'll see...

anuroc 10-04-2004 14:14

If we keep Pandiani, Luque and Tristán the only forward I see coming next season is Rubén. But if we would sell any of them, I think there are several quality French forwards, tough some of them seem already tied with other clubs (I'm thinking about Drogba and Cissé)

Diego 10-04-2004 14:29

Definetely Lyon's best foward :D

Jo 10-04-2004 19:12

I think we should sign some french players. Most of them are good

Diego 11-04-2004 08:49


Originally Posted by Jo
I think we should sign some french players. Most of them are good

yep and good young french players especially!!! :D

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