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Olli 16-04-2004 21:26

Left midfielder
I think that Depor should sign a good left midfileder. When I'm thinking Depor as a whole, it's the position of LM that concerns me.
Right now the situation isn't that bad, we have two good LMs:
Fran & Luque. But this might change soon. Fran will stop playing
quite soon and then we have only Luque for that position. And it's possible (I'm sorry to say this... :( ) that if Chelsea (for example)
offers Lendoiro 30-40 million £ (I think this is quite close to what's
Luque is worth) it's simply hard to say no. It's an option that Luque will leave us (it's just so damn hard to even think of it) 'cause he's
quite "hot" right now. If that happens, who do we have then?
Capdevila? This is a serious problem and well...I just hope Lendoiro
will somehow handle this situation. If you would be in Lendoiro's
position what would you do? Would you even be concerned about
our LM situation? If so, who would you buy? Who would fit us the best?

zairi 16-04-2004 23:15

houssine kharja of ternana in 2nd division italy is a very good left midfielder and a lot of clubs want to sign him juventus, lazio etc maybe he could comee to deportivo he is 22 years old

Olli 16-04-2004 23:36

Kharja? Well to be honest, I haven't heard of him.
But hey, if he's good, why not to buy him?
I was myself thinking of Marek Jankulovski.
He would be such a catch. He plays in every place
of the midfield and he just has all abilities of a star player. He's like Nedved II :). But he'll more likely move to Juve...:(

anuroc 17-04-2004 09:44

Villareal's Roger García was free this summer and we didn't make any move to get him, I guess Lendoiro didn't want to load the team with too many players (this season we still had Amavisca and Fernando, both contracts ending this year, besides Fran and Luque).

Diego 17-04-2004 11:57

I think Lendoiro will sign (a) good player(s) but after this season... we are doing very well with our present players and formations :D

zairi 17-04-2004 12:55

deportivo want to sign kharja look at this ( Moroccan international and Ternana midfielder is a wanted man. Deportivo La Coruna and Paris SG are the latest teams that want the player for the next season.

Juventus and Lazio are also targeting the player.

Hussa 17-04-2004 13:08

see next one

Hussa 17-04-2004 13:13

I agree with anuroc I think that Depor should try to get Roger he has played a good season with villareal and i think he can play as the same level as depor.
In fact I think that he is the only good player (perhaps besides De Pedro) Deportivo can buy, because I don't think that Vander Vaart, Vander Meyde or Gronkjaer are possible transfers for depor.

goldberg10 17-04-2004 14:20


Ricardo 18-04-2004 17:29

EDU (CELTA) would b the perfect left sided midfielder for us..

Then we can use Luque as a striker.....

goldberg10 19-04-2004 09:57

good question.
Olli dont frustrate,if luque want to go then i think he will be sold for very-good price.

if i was lendoiro position.I was to buy very soon LM Vicente of valencia or Del horno of bilbao.they are no dout "hot cakes".

they are young and very good for every position(scroring or making offence).

Djalminha 19-04-2004 12:39

I am very sure that Lendoiro will sign De Pedro and i think this is a good idea. Off course he is no longer young but i think he will play in his best level after comming to a club like deport. He and Luque will make a perfecht pair.

A player like Vicente is out of reach... I can5t think of any clubs being able to sign him he will cost to much being Valencia's best player.

goldberg10 20-04-2004 10:00

Vicente is best..............if we sel luque for big cash why not him for about 20 million euros?not a bad deal.

anuroc 20-04-2004 11:57

Roger García was free last summer but now he's tied to Villareal and about Vicente he is not on sale and anyway we couldn't afford him if he were

riazor_lover 20-04-2004 22:30

A dream sign for me would be Robert from Newcastle.

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