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hari 06-07-2013 15:29

I think Romay has big chances impress.. he will be 24 soon, so cannot alternate between Fabril and the first team..

D.TRISTAN 06-07-2013 15:58

I don't like the transfer of Portu. Another Valencia's youth, Michel was also too bad. I prefer Fabrilistas like Sidibe or Teles.

Riazor warriors 07-07-2013 10:44

The club is sending an official complain for the game vs El Palo, to be honest i never thought i will ever see such a thing in spain &mid=12

Philip 07-07-2013 13:10


What a bunch of idiots!

hari 12-07-2013 14:40

David Gómez, Uxío, Insua, Sidibe, Lemos, Luis, Teles, Bicho, Dani Iglesias & Romay will make the pre-season with the first team.. what about Marc Martinez? is he already with the first team?

Originally Posted by zapping
Website Axogada informs that Depor have signed left-back Aarón Rama Maceiras, a 22-year old player that will perform at Deportivo B. Last season he played at Bergantiños CF.

As i remember this guy was in our junior teams and was considered a big prospect..

caabrego 12-07-2013 18:29

No, that's Aarón Sánchez, this is another Aarón

hari 12-07-2013 19:09

ok, here they mention an Aaron,
also here,
i think i'm right on this one :)

caabrego 12-07-2013 21:11

you beat me hari ;)
It's the same Aaron. Don't get use to it :)

hari 14-07-2013 03:20


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