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Rack 23-09-2014 23:01

LIGA: 23-09-2014 | 22h00 | matchday 05 | Celta 2 v Depor 1 | post match thread
Will post more tomorrow.
For now, I'm just sick.
Not blaming Haris coz his penalty was well struck, but I never like a left-footer taking them.
Pity we equalised so early, coz I thought we did our usual and just looked to accept the point when more was on offer.

walex 23-09-2014 23:05

Haris why this game I will be happy is you score this and lost the one you score againt madrid

rchyngyzr 23-09-2014 23:06

Things could be different if Fontas were expelled and Haris converted that spot kick... However, as it is said in Russian, "if a grandma had balls, she would be a grandpa". So, the outcome matters and accepting it we should also credit the team for their spirit and positives they left. In the end, it's not so easy to oppose such a consolidated team as Celta.

Again, their Serbian DM Radoja clearly stood out in the midfield in terms of anticipation-power-stealing-passing! Bravo to the lad!

Marci 14 23-09-2014 23:08

I'm really really sad, but unfortunately celta was the better team.
Now let's focus the game against almeria.

tonideportivoBG 23-09-2014 23:13

I think we actually did a good game tonight. After the early goal they scored we managed to react and overcome the big pressure with good game and some chances before the end of the 1st half. The second half we did not play so good as the first but we manage to score thanks to Cuenca, then after this we slowed down when we could try to score another goal and close the game. Lux officially gave up the starting position to Fabricio I think there wasn't any foul against him so. About our penalty I noticed that Cavaleiro was going to take it and then Haris took the ball away from him which makes me think VF has not given instruction who should take our penalties. In my opinion the ball was bad placed and it was easy for the keeper to catch it it wasn't as good as the one against Madrid unfortunately but we can't blame Haris everyone could miss. The team made really good effort and we could have won but hopefully next time. Good night

deporik 23-09-2014 23:48

I thought we played better in the 2nd half than the first. The 1st 20-25 minutes were awful and we looked totally outclassed and then we seemed to come in to the match a bit more but still looked quite poor.
Second half seemed a bit more equal but not long after we equalised we semed to crawl back in to our defensive shell a bit more which was a shame, although we did poke our heads out a few times.
Overall I am disappointed by the loss but it was closer than I expected and we showed some character in the 2nd half.
A bit of consistency would be great though some time soon

tonideportivoBG 23-09-2014 23:59

Maybe in terms of dangerous situations we were better in the second half but I think we made some really nice combinations on the wings in the first half and in general we were keeping the ball more than the second even though not for the entire first half. In the second when Cavaleiro came in he sharpened our game this guy is really fast with ball in his legs and he deserves some place in the starting eleven, also during the second half Sidnei woke up and in general he did some nice plays as well.

depooor 24-09-2014 00:35

some or most will disagree with me

I don't know what the coach sees in Postiga and Farina ?

ok they did something but from what you expect they didn't do enough

Toche must start and Coach must change his strategies and Lux must be benched

their keeper was good enough to clear it

deporenrique 24-09-2014 00:46

Postiga and Farina are not in shape and we can all notice it. There are missing that extra punch to give the final pass, to dribble or to shoot on target.

Lux could have cleared that corner since it was inside the 6 yard box.

Haris should play as a playmaker, and we can't waste his quality having him run all over the field. I also don't blame him for missing the penalty.

caabrego 24-09-2014 00:56

I'm not upset. Celta was better and it was in a netter form before the game
The boys tried in the second part.
What worries me is that big hole at midfield. We are too soft there and it will cost us a lot of points.

The best to see Sidnei attacking :D

niklaso 24-09-2014 07:19

Im happy to see that All the players really fought and gave themselves 100%. That really anoid me against Madrid. We looked like we had lost the game before the first whistle. This game they fought

Ricardo 24-09-2014 09:59

- Celta are currently a better team than us and could have been at least 2-0 after 25 mins, where we played awful and could not keep the ball or break up their attacks.
- Lux needs to be benched, he has no confidence and its written all over his face, Fabricio needs to step in for a few games.
- We are badly missing JuanDo, Solomao, Lucas and Insua in this team.
- IMO Alex, Farina and Postiga are not looking sharp. Wilk, Juan Carlos and Toche deserve to play more minutes.
- We have had 2 very intense games, the players showed fight in the last 20 mins which was encouraging. We now need to kick on and get some more points on the table.

benea 24-09-2014 10:21

Celta is a solid team and they were better. 1 point would be a bless, but Lux can't jump and penalty miss was unacceptable. Very upset.

scoop 24-09-2014 12:16


Originally Posted by caabrego
I'm not upset. Celta was better and it was in a netter form before the game</p><p>The boys tried in the second part.</p><p>What worries me is that big hole at midfield. We are too soft there and it will cost us a lot of points.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The best to see Sidnei attacking <img title="Grin" class="inlineimg" alt="" src="images/smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0" smilieid="3">

</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>lol sidnei was fired up. He knew his defense was at fault and he tried to make things happen up front. I was pleased with the effort despite how comical he looked</p>

One more thing. I realm don't like to see players confronting each other for penalties. I had a feeling he wouldn't score after that. The whole team must know who the kickers are and what the order is. It looks very tacky! Then to go get saved. Not blaming one or the other and it was a good save but the whole thing was poor

Ricardo 24-09-2014 12:31

Some may not agree, but I thought Laure was our best player yesterday. He may sometimes give the ball away, but he fights for every ball and came up with some important tackles and fouls when required.

It was interesting to see Sidnei joining up with the attack, but I kept fearing for our lives if he lost the ball, we would have been punished on the counter attack.

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