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Feliuk 08-06-2011 09:17

England | Premier League, Championship, FA Cup..| 2011/2012
1st post for new season is for Watford :)

We have just sold our young player of the season for £1 million +15% sell on clause to Brighton
and our player of the season and the championships leading scorer for £3.5 million + 15% sell on clause to Swansea.

The 1st I can live with although it would have been nice to have kept him a bit longer.
As for the 2nd one I can't quite understand it, everyone knew he was going but 1 week ago QPR and West Brom offered £2.5 million and it was turned down then Swansea offered £3 million and that was turned down. then Saturday they offered £3.5 million and that was accepted yesterday!! Personally I think they should have waited as Newcastle seemed interested too, there must be a reason why it was accepted so quick, probably becasue Watford have no money and must have a big payment coming up soon?

deporik 08-06-2011 11:33

Liverpool have apparently signed Jordan Henderson from Sunderland for a fee thought to be between £16.5-20 million

That seems like a huge amount of money for him :eek:

Have to admit that I've only ever seen him a few times but don't ever remember thinking he was that special

Chris 08-06-2011 20:35

Honestly, it's a bit boring having won 12 of the 19 Premier League seasons. I'm going to take a season away and support another club, even going as far as to attend some away games. Having initially thought about asking for suggestions, I'm already partially settled on Bury. We just got promoted to League 1. I'm already looking forward to the new season.

Rack 09-06-2011 09:19

Here's some figures about the mounting debt crisis in England......

Premier League Racks Up Debt:
Having played with his abacus, Martin Lipman announces “English football is in debt to the staggering tune of 3.5 BILLION pounds… Top flight wages continue to rise, up another £64million to a record £1.389bn 12 months ago, with an all-time high of 68 per cent of income going straight out of the door and into player’s bank accounts.”
The numbers are refined by Rob Davies in the Mail. “England’s elite league boasted record revenues of £2.2billion in 2009-10, leaving Germany’s Bundesliga trailing a distant second by more than £700million. Unfortunately, that is only half the story – Premier League clubs also made record losses of £445m due to another huge rise in wages. According to Deloitte, the clubs spent £1.4bn on salaries in 2009-10, up five per cent on the previous year, and there is no sign of a slowdown. A record 68 per cent of money coming into the clubs goes straight into the players’ wallets.”
According to Ian Herbert, clubs in the Championship are the ones who should be most scared by the new data. “It is the Championship which the Deloitte report implies should give most cause for concern, underlining why the Football League now intends to introduce its own FFP system. The Premier League’s wage inflation and collective debt of £3.5bn are at least offset by rising television money but in the second tier, where Deloitte sees a colossal 88 per cent of revenue going on players, a 25 per cent reduction in live television rights from the beginning of the 2012-13 season spells serious danger… Championship clubs are spending £4 for every £3 they generate in income.”
Matt Scott investigates plans by Championship clubs to regulate their collective spending. “A primitive salary cap is highly unlikely but there will be a discussion among the full body of clubs about how to transform their new desire for restraint into a workable regulatory format. There is great optimism within the Football League that, since this will be a self-regulating system drawn up by the clubs, for the clubs, it will gain traction and teeth… If Championship clubs can work out a voluntary solution, it would be a truly transformative achievement.”

DepHun 09-06-2011 12:34

I am quite suprised about the style about players's salary. What is that "going straight out of the door, straight into the players’ wallet". Some might forget, without the players the team cannot win, not even play matches. If robotics played instead of human beings, or every job in the world did by robotics, and the employers, managers should not pay salaries, wages, would that be the "perfect" world for them? Yes, it might be strange, but the employers, who produce (money, image sometimes profit), must be paid. :D But until, I can't understand, on what they would spend the "colossal" part of revenues...

The biggest problem is that the clubs spend more than their incomes... They spend 68% on players' salary, and then 50% on every other things, so they produce minus, and they want to decrease the players' salary instead of spending on other things...

Ricardo 09-06-2011 14:03

I really hope Arsenal spend some serious money this summer. Major reinforcements are needed in order for our star players not to leave.
In the last 6 years, our only major signings have been Arshavin (16m), Vermalen (10m) and Nasri (10m). Chelsea and Man City spend more than that at Christmas.. lol
Goalkeeper, Right back, Centre back, Defensive midfielder, Left winger, Striker... 6 quality, experienced players needed, to seriously challenge for all the major honours.

Chris 09-06-2011 14:09

The culture of exploitation is ingrained in the national game. Clubs can't augment the spending culture and then suddenly renege on the contracts between them and the players where they've agreed to award disproportionate amounts of money. Football is no different to any other industry in that the majority of people won't willingly make sacrifices for the greater good. As with all competitive business, prospects are primary motivators, so people are naturally enticed by wherever the better of those may be.

Given that their expenditure is predominantly on players' wages, clubs will find it nigh on impossible to reach an equilibrium where they can both attract the players and reinvent themselves as fiscally prudent business models. Unless you're running out onto the field every Saturday, football isn't financially viable. The Premiership just happens to represent that fact to a disconcerting degree, which is why it seems likely that it will require a damaging contraction to bring some semblance of normality back to the game.

DepHun 09-06-2011 14:38

Although there were some bad examples in the last 3-4 years on other fields of world trade, it seems the worst financial managers are working in the football industry... Almost all the clubs are in minus in almost every country. Spending more than you have can be done by anyone, even by myself.:D

But that arguement, that players receive 68% of the club-incomes is stupidity. Not is that the problem, maybe it is too much, but the problem is spending more than what you have. ;)

Chris 09-06-2011 15:03

It doesn't work both ways. If a company is making a net loss and haemorrhaging money, it isn't beyond reason that it would revise its greatest revenue expenditure, which in this case happens to be players' salaries. Clubs spend more than they earn because of the salaries. That's the entrenched perception of many. Where's the data that offers some perspective as to how that's justifiable, and why would UEFA be implementing its financial fair play system if it was.

DepHun 09-06-2011 15:29

Spending 2/3 on the players salary seems not too much for me. What else do the clubs spend on? Stadium, travel, security, what else? If I remember well, at Depor this costs are at around 5M EUR per year...;) OK we don't travel to CL matches presently...

One nice question? How big part of the club's incomes are related to the players, their sporting achievement (CL, and CUP extra matches), their images (Beckham, CRonaldo, etc., new signings, thousands of new shirts sold)? More than 2/3 or under it? ;)

I very much agree the players's salary should be much more realistic, even at Depor an average segunda player earns within a year, the 15 years salary of an average Western employee (not talking about me ;) on the puta Balkan), but the mentioned articles closes not well to the theme...

Rack 09-06-2011 15:35

I've said it before and I'll say it again, money is being laundered through some of the top club sides in the world (not just in the EPL, I stress). Why else would rich people & companies from the Far East (and the Far West), who know damn all about football, be willing to pump their money into proven loss making machines?

Source: Rack's Conspiracy Theory No. 5 :D

DepHun 09-06-2011 15:44

That is shockingly hard, Rack. Personally, not in written form, I could tell some wonderful Hun versions. :) Kevin McCabe, the owner of Sheffield United learnt here new things, as the presi of Ferencváros. :) And we are no-where to the real-Balcan, Russia and/or Italy. :)

Chris 09-06-2011 16:18


Originally Posted by DepHun
One nice question? How big part of the club's incomes are related to the players, their sporting achievement (CL, and CUP extra matches), their images (Beckham, CRonaldo, etc., new signings, thousands of new shirts sold)? More than 2/3 or under it? ;)

It's impossible to unequivocally quantify. What you can say is that, seeing as expenditure drastically outstrips income, unless there's some value to that 32% figure, discrepancies between value and earnings is evident. Under what circumstances is any workforce deserving of a proportion of the company's income to the extent that it produces a loss? Only football, it seems, and that's on a destructive path. I'm uncertain if these are called laws of economics, although time will prove that it's no exception to the rule.

DepHun 09-06-2011 17:59

With using dictionary, I can understand, what you are saying, Chris. ;) I can just repeat myself, 2/3 of incomes spending on work-force is not that outrageous in the service sector/industry. When bad management leads a firm into minus, the first thing is always to decrease the employee's salaries, I have a 1 week experience on this :(

I think the 68% is not a correct data anyway, I cannot imagine what other costs of football clubs can compete with players salary to lead them into minus... I suppose the correct data is that "colossal" 88%, written for the Championship clubs...

Feliuk 09-06-2011 23:31

Whatever the figures are all I know is that there are a lot of clubs paying some very average players huge amounts of money.
Take the top 6 teams out of the league and the rest of the teams are full of rubbish.
I'm with arsene on this one ....their play is more like rugby than football...but hey it's very entertaining...NOT!!!

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