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caabrego 19-01-2020 18:41

Jan-19-2020 | matchday 24 | 16h00 | Depor 1 - Cádiz 0 | Post-match thread
Well, 4th in a row :wow:

kri 19-01-2020 18:53

I have not seen our last few matches, but as i see the results(except cup game) its a big resurrection. We are played well or at least our play is evolving?

Blue_Nation 19-01-2020 19:06

RCD 1906

Club, players and fans joined as one
The nightmare is gone
A heart beating in blue and white
The dream is back
A joy, a force, that nothing can refrain
We are Depor again


walex 19-01-2020 19:26

Keep winning we all know our Depor style and fighting spirit

peterke2000 19-01-2020 19:54

I don't think I saw anyone not running today the team looks so mutch better the midfield is impressife if you ask my 2 guys who can play a ball even whit 3 guys around them.

babydepor 19-01-2020 20:27

The team looks motivated,working hard and they started believing in themselves...what a pass that was from Gaku and what a finish from Merino !! great 3 points!

tonideportivoBG 19-01-2020 20:42

great win over first place Cadiz and good to feel the joy again that it was forgotten in 2019.

abdul001 19-01-2020 21:30

12 points away from 6th
I am happy today
more wins on row to come
Albacete time for revenge in the first round

Ricardo 20-01-2020 10:39

Man this is a good feeling!

Its amazing how things have turned around for us in the last month.
There are still many more points to be won before we can truly relax, but we are on the right path.

Si Se Puede!

scoop 20-01-2020 11:38

Watched my first game (and posted here) for the first time in months. I stopped looking at depor altogether until a new manager and president were installed. I questioned my loyalty but then after all these years I really didn't deserve to be disappointed every week.

The team looks much better now. Motivated. With a plan. With a leader on the sidelines and in the office. Keep it up depor. I love to follow the development of the club back to super status but it's been an interesting and rocky road so far. Will we ever come back into modern competitive football.
Who knows but I can't stomach watching other teams so I'm here again

Xanuco 20-01-2020 15:23

Well, Vazquez is motivating the team somehow. Renewed energy. I was explaining to my father "They only need to get into sixth" place. That's somewhat realistic.

Vatex 20-01-2020 16:39

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