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caabrego 03-03-2017 02:46

LIGA | March-05-2017 | matchday 26 | 12h00 | Sporting v Depor | Pre-match thread
A final for us. Luisinho doubtful and Guilherme is out.

Xanuco 03-03-2017 21:16

So Pepe Mel is saying some of the guys were exhausted after the Atl Madrid game. That's a good thing! I want to see them give everything on the field. They can ice their legs and rest after the game. If they play with the intensity that they showed against Atleti they should be able to handle Sporting.

tonideportivoBG 04-03-2017 08:15

"I already told you that we have three players with ice in the legs, they have issues and hopefully we will have more people like this after the game against Sporting.”
I liked that. Pepe Mel obviously knows that we have players with quality who lack motivation...
Apart from that I believe Mosquera finally found himself the other night and he brought what we needed in midfield - a little more creativity. While Guilherme most of the time passes the ball back, Mosquera is able to change the direction of game with long accurate passes and I believe we missed that..

D.TRISTAN 04-03-2017 14:28

GG was focused on tactic, not players. He tend players to adapt his tactic.

But it seems like Pepe Mel consider players' strong point and try to make them play their best.

depooor 05-03-2017 03:20

We might the same line up although, he hinted that Lusinho might start as a winger!

If Pepe manages to pull out a noticed win then we might do something against Barca and Celta since our moral will be high

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