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caabrego 09-02-2020 14:24

Feb-09-2020 | matchday 27 | 12h00 | Alcorcón 0 - Depor 1 | Post-match thread
Another miracle :what: :wow:

american123 09-02-2020 15:10

Incredible. One point would have been a good result but at the last minute we get lucky with Kone. 5 points clear of relegation now. One of the best teams in the league on Friday in Girona with Stuani but we play at Riazor. Another win and Coruña will go crazy.

Blue_Nation 09-02-2020 15:33


Always keep the faith
Never lose the hope
Fight till last minute
If you really believe
You'll have a reward
Someone said once
Football is a state of mind
My sentence after our goal
For being mind a state of soul


peterke2000 09-02-2020 16:54

Unbelieveble realy when they played the highlights of the second half it was chance after chance for Alcorcon we had out only clear opportunity last 10 seconds lol. Looking at the stands we coud make a big jump nexst week don't want to go to mutch a head but.

benea 09-02-2020 17:01

It is like turning on some cheats in Football Manager.

abdul001 09-02-2020 18:05

before we don't have luck
now we are lucky
but we need to improve
I don't like mollojo as left back
l prefer Luis ruiz or salva ruiz

haden07 09-02-2020 18:41

Ugly win... who cares! We’ll take it.

Djalminha 09-02-2020 19:24

We did not create much an we really lacked creativity and offensive schemes. There were possibilities but then we lacked sharpness and decisiveness.

We did not give big chances away and we are really good in set pieces and that provided the result. The most fair result would have been a draw imo.

peterke2000 09-02-2020 19:39

Looking at other game's on livescore I'm happy we won.

Vatex 09-02-2020 19:49

Alcorcon didnt deserve lose but who cares. 3 golden points. portune was on our side today.

Kone had rly good game today.

also Boveda too.

Dani s saves are usual already

Marci 14 09-02-2020 20:07

Let's be honest, we deserved some luck and "ugly" wins after what the fans went through recently. Just enjoy it!

tonideportivoBG 09-02-2020 21:44

Against Alcorcon side the games have always been difficult and when I saw the score 0-1 I was surprised though. I expected a point or nothing so I big jump and 7th in a row - amazing considering 2019 ... let's hope we continue like that until the end.

Filip 09-02-2020 22:30


Originally Posted by tonideportivoBG
let's hope we continue like that until the end.

well that would mean a footballing world record that would never be broken :D
From almost mathematical degradation to champion :p

ggeorg 09-02-2020 23:22

Keeping on like this and Xose will publish a book of poems by the end of the season :cool:

walex 09-02-2020 23:32

This how Depor use to be keep doing guys

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