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Olli 08-03-2004 15:42

Mikael "the next superstar" Forssell
Yes yes, I know what you all think "Who's Mikael Forssell?
Must be a bad player 'cause I haven't heard of him..."
He's a finnish striker who has done a superb job in Birmingham
this season by scoring 12 goals (and more will come) already.
He's Chelsea's player and I think that Chelsea could be stupid
enough to sell him (and with a low price).
And he's only 22 years old so he'll still evolve....and will
become a superstar to the team which buys him!! (and this is a promise!!!)

"Miklu" + Depor = unstoppable duo... ;)

Feliuk 08-03-2004 16:03

Forssell is a good player. he's Birminghams top scorer this season, I think he has about 12 goals.Would he make it at Depor, Don't know that one.

depor_hk 08-03-2004 16:50

Without doubt he's good but i don't think he will leave EPL

deporik 09-03-2004 17:32

I think he did a decent job for Chelsea when he was given a rare chance too. I think they loaned him out to someone else before Birmingham and he scored goals there as well. It would be a gamble of course but I don't see any reason why Forsell wouldn't score goals in a Depor shirt.

JW2 09-03-2004 19:25

he played for Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga last year (only 2nd half of the season) and helped them with many goals avoid relegation... However, he has stated many many many times (I know because there were talks about other clubs in Germany during off-season) that his wish is to play in England...

Olli 15-03-2004 19:39

As you can see above, he's always scoring for the club that
he's currently playing. There aren't really any good midfielders
for the left side (available), so I would prefer Luque playing there.
So that leaves us Pandiani and Tristan for the attack. We should sell Tristan while it is still possible and buy Forssell.
That's my opinion... :D

Diego 15-03-2004 19:51

Have you ever seen finnish football? BORING! always certain teams dominate the league and few teams have problems with money! Miklu and many more finnish players have done a good job getting out of this poor finnish football league! Litmanen has always problems with his knees, odd? :D

Djalminha 16-03-2004 12:50

Birmingham want him as a permanent sqaud member so the currently askin Chelsea for a price.

Olli 16-03-2004 15:57

Birmingham can't buy him!
Birmingham is too small club to keep players like forssell.
There has been rumours that Leverkusen and some other german
teams are interested of him. Leverkusen could be a right club for forssell (If Depor won't buy him :frownani: ).

EdsonAdN 16-03-2004 19:14

Mikael is quite a good player, but in Finland he's little overrated.
I don't believe that Forssell could give Deportivo anything new.
Forssell has born in Germany so Bundesliga is clearly potential place for Forssell.

Olli 17-03-2004 16:08

to EdsonAdN: I really think that you're wrong.
He hasn't had a proper change in Chelsea, but he has done
better than good job everywhere he has played (Crystal Palace,
Birmingham, Mönchengladbach). He also hit two goals against
Germany a while ago. And did you saw his goal against Sunderland? That reminds of tristan in his good ol' days :D
So overrated, I don't think so... :tongue:

EdsonAdN 18-03-2004 12:52

Yes, it's true that that he has played good in every team he has played, but I think he is the player who is star in small team, but not very big star in as big team as Deportivo.
I didn't mean that Forssell is bad player. He is still talent and he can become a real star.

Olli 18-03-2004 17:10

I want comments ppl!

He's my favourite player and I would like to hear
your opinions! (If you have one :D)

Olli 20-03-2004 18:58

He scored twice against Middlesborough today and has now
done 14 goals(and counting....)
Those who say that he wouldn't give anything to depor are
wrong (at least in my opinion)
I would even say that he would score more goals if he
had more chances (and that is possible only if he would play
for a better team.... Depor maybe? :undecide: )

anuroc 21-03-2004 15:00

I haven't seen him yet :(

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