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Olli 16-02-2005 23:46

'Questions about Deportivo' topic
I just thought I'd be nice if there's a topic where you can ask ANYTHING conserning Deportivo that's on your mind and you like to now! :) Big questions or smaller ones... just put them here and hopefully other members can answer! :)
So I have a question to start with... what does "deportivo" mean? Is there an english word for it?

Filip 17-02-2005 00:14

well, deportes means sports, so deportivo is a "here stops my knowledge of the English language" :o

scoop 17-02-2005 00:27

i think it means 'sports club' but im not sure

'La Coruna sports club'???

simonrules201 17-02-2005 00:42


Originally Posted by scoop
i think it means 'sports club' but im not sure

'La Coruna sports club'???

Yeah it means sports club

deporik 17-02-2005 00:52

Whenever you use a translation service, "deportivo" always seems to translate as "sporting" or "the sporting one".

Carlos 17-02-2005 09:59

The full name is:
"Real club deportivo de La Coruña" and means "Royal sport club of La Coruña"

Feliuk 17-02-2005 12:27

Royal sporting club of La Coruña ;)

Carlos 17-02-2005 12:51


Originally Posted by Feliuk
Royal sporting club of La Coruña ;)

Right Felli! :)

Crocodile_Dundee 17-02-2005 13:16

What are the average ticket prices at the Riazor??

Feliuk 17-02-2005 13:42

A hell of a lot cheaper than the UK :)

These are the prices for games v R.Madrid and Barca (the most expensive for the season)
Tribuna Superior 60 euros
Tribuna Inferior 54 euros
Tribuna Delantera 54 euros
Preferencia Superior 50 euros
Preferencia Sup. Lateral 50 euros
Preferencia Inferior 33 euros
Preferencia Inf. Lateral 33 euros
Pabellón Superior 36 euros
Pabellón Inferior 33 euros
Júnior 20 euros
Maratón Inferior 33 euros
Maratón Superior 40 euros

Normal prices:
Superior, 40 Euros
Tribuna Inferior, 35 Euros
Tribuna Delantera, 35 Euros
Preferencia Superior, 30 Euros
Preferencia Superior Lateral, 22 Euros
Preferencia Inferior, 15 Euros
Preferencia Inferior Lateral, 20 Euros
Fondo Marathon Superior, 25 Euros
Fondo Marathon Inferior, 20 Euros
Fondo Pabellón Superior, 22 Euros
Fondo Pabellón Inferior, 15 Euros
Junior Hasta 20 años, 6 Euros

This is for half season ticket
Tribuna Superior 260 euros
Tribuna Inferior 240 euros
Tribuna Delantera 220 euros
Preferencia Superior 220 euros
Preferencia Inferior 110 euros
Preferencia Inferior Lateral 95 euros
Pabellón Superior 110 euros
Pabellón Inferior 80 euros
Maratón Superior 160 euros
Maratón Inferior 95 euros
Jubilados, en Preferencia Inferior 75
euros Parados, en Preferencia Inferior 60
euros Júnior, en Pabellón Inferior, 40
euros Socio Amigo 36 euros

Crocodile_Dundee 17-02-2005 14:19

There way cheaper than I expected, cheers Feliuk!!

Feliuk 17-02-2005 14:34

Yes they are.
I pay more to see Watford :)
Don't get me wrong I like going to see Watford, but Depor v RM or Barca I think is better than Watford v Crewe or Gillingham :) :)

Donato 17-02-2005 20:02

How are our youth teams progressing???...Do we have them???

and if so do we have any more "SuperFrans" in the pipeline???

Olli 17-02-2005 21:28

Is there a special reason that Depor uses blue and white? :) (same colours as in Finnish flag jee! ^^)

A.Houston 17-02-2005 22:25

Those of you who have met the players, which ones are nice to meet and which ones aren't so friendly?

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