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Olli 05-08-2003 13:51

Who will we buy next ? ?
I was just wondering because now when makaay is gone we
have money to buy some good player.
I hope it will be joaquin. ;)

javientes 05-08-2003 13:58

It wont be Joaquin, we would lose all our money gained from Makaay's transfer in that deal! and maybe more... He is just to expensive

Bagsie 05-08-2003 15:52

Who do we buy next?
Have we bought somebody allready?
I reaaly don't know who we should buy -I'm so newbie...
I think they know what they are doing there in Coruna.

Leon 05-08-2003 15:57

Like I said in a previous topic, it looks like we won't sign many new players. In defence and attack we have enough players while our midfield is overloaded. Only if we sell some players we can afford new wingers...

Depor_Vin 05-08-2003 16:29

In that case who should we sell??

Djalminha 06-08-2003 08:32

We should sent Acuna back. We havent paid for him yet

pebinho 06-08-2003 09:39

Depor should sign Torrado from Sevilla.

Feliuk 06-08-2003 11:06

They will probably buy Sales

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