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zOrg 19-03-2005 18:51

Best CL match...
you had ever seen live in a stadium or in tv ?

My favourite is the match between Hamburg SV vs Juventus Turin in year 2000 (4:4).

secret 19-03-2005 19:26

Final 1999 Bayern Munich - Manchester
Semifinlal 2001 Real Madrid - Bayern Munich 1 - 4

mig_superdepor 21-03-2005 23:23

i'd say because of being a depor fan:
depor v milan
but probably
the united-barca set of 3-3 draws

Anton 22-03-2005 02:32

i think europe games? hm... probably Depor V PSV, or Madrid V Leverkuses was entertaining too!

actually the united barca set of 3-3 draws as mig said above was awesome too!!

AH its so hard to choose the CL is such a good comp!

alan partridge 22-03-2005 02:55

juventus manure was pretty bloody good

freakyy 23-03-2005 20:39

Depor - Milan match
Ajax - Bayern 5-2
Milan - Ajax 3-2 (what a match, what a undeserved winner)

But Barca - Chelsea 5-2 was a good one too.

BeachBoy 23-03-2005 20:59

well mine is definaltly depor-milan

Pinja 25-03-2005 18:50

Definitly Depor-milan(such an excitement....)

peterke2000 25-03-2005 21:06


Originally Posted by Pinja
Definitly Depor-milan(such an excitement....)

yes to my to it is the best game I have ever seen in my live

Lebn8r 01-06-2005 01:45

Depor 4 - 0 Milan

closely followed by Liverpool 3 - 3 Milan

(with respect to energy and excitement)

Donato 01-06-2005 02:15


Originally Posted by alan partridge
juventus manure was pretty bloody good

I'll second that...

But i'd also choose...

Depor v Milan... Both Legs, without the first you wouldn't have got the second. :D :D :D

Depor v Arsenal and Depor v Manure from a few seasons back. :) :) :)

Chelski v Barca... this season. ;) ;) ;)

Liverpool v Milan... this years final. :cool: :cool: :cool:

and of course any games where Manure/Madridiots got a tanking!!! :howler: :howler: :howler:

shahrin 01-06-2005 02:52

I personally choose last seasons game.

Depor - Milan at Riazor.

Ralo 01-06-2005 03:08

Depor v Milan and Chelsea v Barça

AP 01-06-2005 07:07

Chelsea vs. Barca - last season
RM vs Man Utd - 2 years ago

Filip 01-06-2005 12:08

all time CL i don't know what to choose

this year's CL definitely RM-Juve, just 1 goal but Harlem Globetrotters' football.

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