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nitraM 13-12-2011 19:52

Fifa 12 PC
anyone here play? add me to ur origin - boredmartin

MolinaFan 31-10-2012 14:40

I started playing it since the last week. Not playing it online though. To be honest, I was not impressed with the changes. Only some features have been added in career mode, while there is still room for improvement on game graphics.
I started my career with Depor and sold Camunas for 18 mio :D Signed Coloccini and brazilian striker Emerson instead. Nelson is the top scorer of the league, while Riki is second best. The defensive line is horrible as I am still struggling to get used to the new defending features, so had to switch to 5-3-2 as a solution :D

Shelvin 31-10-2012 21:29

Played it. Its ok!

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