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Blue_Nation 07-03-2013 02:56

Lendo Game
A fan has created this funny online game:

After loading, click on the screen to play.

x: shoot
c: change weapon (4 different)
z: pause
cursor to move/jump

You are Lendo, and have some weapons to use. :D

1st stage: You have to eliminate the multiple enemies attacking you, Iago Aspas and Santi Rey (director of La Voz de Galicia). At the end of the stage, the monster you have to destroy is ... Lotina.
2nd stage: Elude Mendez's contracts! Mendez throw you dangerous briefcases with contracts and you have to elude them and eliminate the agent.
Next stages: More Aspas and Santi Rey in the travel, you have to destroy Balaidos, from where all those Aspas are coming, then you have to kill several Cristianos flying and also his manager Mourinho, and of course lots of Aspas and Santi Rey more...

Specially good music in the last stage, with the rock song "Riazor Blues" by Los Suaves. :)

It seems that the creator is working in more games about Depor that will be available soon.

DepHun 07-03-2013 14:51

frenetique. If I am Lendoiro in the game, I try to die as soon as possible :)

ado1988 07-03-2013 16:57

Super Lendoiro. haha
Interesting music in the game btw..

Riazor warriors 08-03-2013 15:32


Originally Posted by ado1988
Super Lendoiro. haha
Interesting music in the game btw..

ya i slept yesterday shooting Balaidos with Bananas :D
& as u guys mentioned nice music

Joak 10-03-2013 02:21

i laughed when i met lotina

tonideportivoBG 05-05-2013 10:32

crazy game, they must put Aiza Games there.

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