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caabrego 10-01-2016 12:57

COPA | Jan-12-2016 | first-leg | 20h30 | Depor v Mirandés | pre-match thread
Second leg this Tuesday. 1-1 is the aggregate score.

Iztok 11-01-2016 13:51

It will be very beneficial if we win it with ease. Otherwise we could fall into a depresion.

valeron21 11-01-2016 14:18

yea we need to win the games especially at home....i think will be good to use some of the usual starters

tonideportivoBG 11-01-2016 18:07

We gonna pass through, there is no doubt about it.
The team is fine, we are there with 27 points. We all would have signed for that before the beginning of the season.
Forza Depor!

Deporlover 11-01-2016 19:40

Pletikosa not called for this game!!!!!!!

valeron21 12-01-2016 09:51

pletikosa and haris are out of the roster

seems will play with 4-3-3...with oriola as CF and jonas and JD at fede and cardoso on the wings...i have doubts how will create and score chances...

depooor 12-01-2016 12:38

Victor surprises me in every game! why on the hell he didn't call Haris?

He needs to call him, Mosquera's performance has dropped and victor needs to show Mosquera that Haris can take hisplace at least in copa!

tonideportivoBG 12-01-2016 16:58

Guys I think Haris its out of this squad ever since Victor took over. He has given many signs that the Bosnian is not in his plans. Probably he will leave the club soon.

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