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caabrego 25-05-2012 20:17

Post-promotion pictures
Big plans for Sunday :)

We want to create two albums with pictures for Twitter and Facebook.

We need picks from around the globe with you wearing your Depor shirt, now and after the game (celebrating the promotion, no nudity please ;) ).

We will post the pre-game album early on Sunday and the post-game album later, luckily celebrating the promotion

Please post your pics in this thread.


Filip 25-05-2012 21:55

ah damn, GF is whole weekend out, once in a year, just now, and has the camera...

caabrego 26-05-2012 11:30

Common guys. Don't let me down with this :rolleyes:

titov 26-05-2012 12:08

I don't have a depor shirt :(

Riazor warriors 26-05-2012 12:44


Originally Posted by caabrego
Common guys. Don't let me down with this :rolleyes:

don't worry i'm on it.... just can't find my Jordanian flag.

will do it today 4 sure... but we need more members to participate...
maybe Carlos u need to send a PM to everybody

Diligent 26-05-2012 12:49


Originally Posted by titov
I don't have a depor shirt :(

Sorry about the shirt, but have some imagination and get hold of some blue and white balloons ;) :D

Hopefully I will upload some photos after the match, but alas will not see the game as I am working the next 4 nights. :(

caabrego 26-05-2012 12:51

OK. Another thing is to use the picks form the thread "you wearing a Depor shirt"

ggeorg 26-05-2012 13:26

i didn't really got the point of the pic, before the game.

We'll make an album of us celebarating the promotion, that is great idea, but the pic, before the game?

deporik 26-05-2012 14:53

Ok I'll post some already taken for pre match but I will wait until after we have gained promotion until taking some with more current shirts :D

I do agree with Ggeorg though, not sure about the pre game photos to be honest.

caabrego 26-05-2012 19:15


Originally Posted by ggeorg
We'll make an album of us celebarating the promotion, that is great idea, but the pic, before the game?

To show people how you live the pre-match anxiety

Riazor warriors 26-05-2012 19:18

here is my pic
[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

Ahmad from Jordan

ggeorg 26-05-2012 19:51

jaja, that is a nice one, i was thinking sth similar :D

hf_sqak 26-05-2012 19:52

We're Asia Deportivista

**) If u need better image, just email me

titov 26-05-2012 19:57

Nice pics! :D I see I'll need to buy a Depor shirt.

caabrego 26-05-2012 19:58

Many thanks to all of you :cool:

I am missing pics from Australia and the USA

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