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hari 16-06-2017 15:25

Ex-Player topic: Edu Exposito (1996, Midfielder)

Full name: Eduardo Expósito Jaen
Date of birth: 1-Aug-1996, Barcelona
Height: 1,79 m
Playing position: Offensive Midfielder

Edu is going to make the preseason with the first team :)
He already played 45 minutes against Espanyol last season in La Liga..

D.TRISTAN 17-06-2017 06:24

I watched the promotion match of Fabril and Edu looked good.
Hope he can improve and gain a pot in the first eam.

hari 21-07-2017 06:49

so far, excellent matches played by him in the friendlies.. looked calm, serious, good passing range and interceptions.. I pray that he will keep on improving and will not be stalled like Juan Dominguez..

Blue_Nation 13-10-2017 13:04

Renewed until 2022 and he will be part of the 1st team next summer. Congrats! :)

hari 13-10-2017 17:07

congrats!! thats fantastic news..

caabrego 13-10-2017 22:27

This is important because, no matter he succeed or not, other kids will release there's a chance and will want to play at the academy.

Blue_Nation 25-05-2018 22:34

It seems that Edu has lowered his performance this 2nd half of the season. In fact, he didn't play a single minute in 1st leg of the play-off in Extremadura.

But if we try to put ourselves in his position, I think it's quite normal and logical. After having some minutes with the 1st team at very good level and see his contract renewed, then he was sent back to Fabril and never called again, so we could keep playing Guilherme, Krohn-Dehli, Muntari or whoever with their superior level...

I imagine that his motivation has decreased a lot, similar case than Francis, and also Óscar Pinchi (who's going to leave this summer).

Who to blame for this? The players? Or maybe the policy of the club with our youngsters?

I found very interesting this article about him by Carlos Rosende, a local journalist:



From participating at Primera against UD Las Palmas, Athletic Club or Real Madrid, back in November, to not dispute even a single minute, by technical decision, in the first leg of the playoff of promotion to Segunda between Fabril and Extremadura in Almendralejo. From entering into the plans of Pepe Mel and Cristóbal Parralo to disappear from the map with the arrival of Clarence Seedorf to captain the blue and white ship. The season of Edu Expósito has no middle ground, and is demanding a high level of maturity by the player to assimilate such a swing of emotions.

"We have seen the case of Edu Expósito [in the first team], who has been given minutes and suddenly they have been cut. How does the kid feel?", reasoned Uxío, Edu's companion, in the last interview of Fabril number 9 to La Voz de Galicia. The words of the striker arrived days after the Catalan midfielder, the only Fabril footballer with a place in the first team for the next season, did not fit into the plans of Gustavo Munúa in one of the most demanding clashes of the campaign. No discomfort of any kind, Edu stayed on the bench and ended up following from the sidelines how Fabril rescued a valuable 2-1 from Francisco de la Hera Stadium.

His case isn't too strange, because it doesn't differ in excess from other players from the youth academy who in recent years have been on the verge of making the jump to the first team, and to whom the lack of stability in Deportivo bench has deprived them of settling in the elite. The most usual thing is to completely blame the player, and to insist that if he arrives at the top it's because he has the level to do it, and if he doesn't, it's because he hasn't been able to overcome the obstacles, but if Depor wants to implant a model based on homegrown players, the club must go further and create an optimal climate to help him and other of his teammates to settle. It's urgent to find a simple route once and for all, because the current one is full of curves.

Edu is a smart kid, inside and outside the field. About two months from turning 22, he commands in the field, he has understood that he must be the protagonist because he has qualities to leave a mark in each match, and in addition, he has improved his defensive behaviour, one of his main pending subjects. In short, he meets the necessary conditions to receive an opportunity. But a real chance, not what Francis, One or him have experienced this season, although in his case he had already made his debut at the end of 2016-17. The bet has to be firm and real.

abdul001 26-05-2018 02:03

the boy will do better

DeporDK 26-05-2018 07:35

Maybe the same can be said about Bicho, Dani Iglesias and Iago Beceiro. All players that debuted in a very young age, and kind of stopped their progression after that

Iztok 28-05-2018 07:46

The progress stops if they don't get a chance to be part of the A team. Sometimes the young players are too impatient, but in our case we are always too slow to to resilliant to include the best Fabril players in the A team. Right now they are on the verge of Segunda, so surely some of them deserve a chance in the A team. If we stayed in Primera and fabril promoted - all of them would play in Segunda. And in many cases we proved wrong not to include them - Insua, Rober, just to name the last couple.

heidern 24-08-2018 21:58

Shouldn't we move this thread out of the youth forum?

Hori 05-03-2019 11:31

Well... This guy is fantastic. Absolutely above expectations. Without him we wouldn't be in this position. He is delivering constant good performances.
While the stars Quique, Cartabia, Valle, Vicente etc. are failing this guy is always there. The only problem is that he is getting tired and tired and it was reflected in his play against the goalie.

Btw he still has 3 years with a €10M release clause with the lowest salary....

Shirt #21 is at the best place.

Ricardo 05-03-2019 12:20

Agreed ... We need to keep Edu, he is a quality player!

Vatex 05-03-2019 19:38

agree with you boys. I didnt expected that plays from him. he has sometimes brilliant moves, I recently very like him. He is definetely talented guy with a good pitch awareness and technic

tonideportivoBG 05-03-2019 22:09

If we can draw some positive conclusions from current season definitely we´d talk about Edu.
Last night he was great. In the past few games also. Little by little he is becoming the midfielder we need and a vital piece in midfield we can´t afford to miss.

Instead of playing with him last year in La Liga we used some retired players capable of doing nothing.Just saying.

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