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caabrego 11-07-2019 13:10

Kits 2019/2020
Controversial design for the first shirt

gabi 11-07-2019 14:54

Hmm..this is not depor!

Diligent 11-07-2019 15:37

If I was the supporter of Greenock Morton, Queens Park Rangers, PEC Zwolle to name a few, I might be happy with that design.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Depor is famous for the VERTICAL STRIPES

abdul001 11-07-2019 17:10

I prefer vertical stripes

ggeorg 11-07-2019 18:04

Mercenary 1yr contract players with a mercenary season we will be looking at the board when a goal is scored to find out whether its depor or the rival

Rack 11-07-2019 18:21

On the plus side, the third shirt is green 😁 Lots of sales where I'm from!!!

D.TRISTAN 12-07-2019 04:23

Reminds me of QPR
This not Depor

Vatex 12-07-2019 15:01

psh.............. dont like vertical stripes

american123 12-07-2019 15:10

Ok for a year but never want to see it again.

Djalminha 12-07-2019 18:32

I have now stated in 16 years that every Depor shirt is great...

This is awfull!!!!

tonideportivoBG 12-07-2019 22:14

Not bad in my opinion. Best t-shirts and outfit was when we had canterburry as a sponsor. The quality was just great and the design as well.

ggeorg 13-07-2019 16:05

RB have made a statement against the new shirt, stating obviously that the identity of the club needs to be preserved. Was there any reason to provoke controversy among the fans?? What is this? Revolution?? If the new board wants revolution they can revolutionise abegondo and start producing some players. That would be revolution!!

caabrego 13-07-2019 19:41

The design is not a revolution. Just an homage to the cycling and athletics teams of the past. Another thing is that this isn't the right moment to do it.

depooor 13-07-2019 23:34

am not really sure where some are going with the identity thing, we have been missing real identity for years !

a shirt won't make it worse

tonideportivoBG 16-07-2019 21:17

New second kit looks good to me.

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