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trew 13-01-2005 15:59

Bianchi as new coach ?
How about Bianchi as new coach, he did a great work with Boca and we could use a more attacking coach.

Besides hi's now free.

Crocodile_Dundee 13-01-2005 21:47

'More attacking coach'????????

Over the past few years we have played some wonderful free flowing, attacking football where we have humiliated some of the best teams in the world.

At Boca he liked to play on the counter attack where he would leave the likes of Tevez, B.Schelotto and Delgado upfront just floating around wherever they liked. The rest of the team would be focused on defending especially the three holding midfielders with Battaglia or his replacement Vargas breaking from time to time.

trew 13-01-2005 22:37

I dont know nothing about him :P, i've just heard he did a great work with Boca so he maybe also do graet work with Depor.And besides im just quoting Bebeto :P :)

Anton 16-01-2005 13:06

i dont agree he plays counter attack. he likes to play very quickly when his side gets possession, he plays direct to mids and then sweeps through that way - thats why riquelme was so effective!!

it may look similar to counter attacking but its different he plays more fast and sweepingly....

caabrego 18-04-2005 22:55

Next week Lendoiro will have a meeting with the agent of Jabo, his renovation will be in the desk; however, As wrote today that GSA as offered to Lendoiro the financial facilities in order to sign Bianchi. If Jabo doesn't sign his renewal we will probable have an Argentinean coach next season.

freakyy 19-04-2005 07:55

GREAT I really hope he come's. He is definitly one of the best around....

AP 19-04-2005 10:20

Bianchi sounds good, but I prefer Del Bosque.

Crocodile_Dundee 19-04-2005 11:01

Bianchi would be tremendous and this move would certainly entice Riquelme!!

BeachBoy 19-04-2005 11:40

he is a great coach!!!

gabi 19-04-2005 12:02

Great news! I hope he comes. Im sure he will make some BIG changes. I cant imagen him pick up Tristan and Valeron to the start 11. Game after game when they are playing like this. Does somebody know whit system he use 4-4-2 ect.

peterke2000 19-04-2005 12:05


Originally Posted by AP
Bianchi sounds good, but I prefer Del Bosque.

yes my to

Kenya 19-04-2005 13:23

Bianchi usually uses wingers like Depor, when I watched Boca in Argentina he would have Tevez up front with Barros-Schelotto and Estevez playing wide. I would love to see 'El Rey' Carlos Bianchi at Depor, great coach and may get Argentinian players interested.

aldo 19-04-2005 13:32

IŽd also like to see him here because I think heŽs really a great coach. HeŽd surely know many young and talented argentinean players who arenŽt known in Spain and wouldnŽt be expensive.

pisingh 19-04-2005 14:13

I think that this man could be amazing, but he needs decent players and could ring the changes big time.

As for his style- I think he is semi defensive- certainly his teams were less talented than River Plate but they were more physical and ruthless which is why they could defeat Santos without Robinho getting in dangerous positions.

Either way- Libertadores is a hard cup to win, maybe harder than CL in a way- its very tactical so he should be extremely strong in this area

Luis Fabiano 19-04-2005 18:59

Can't wait for him to cooooooooooooooome!!!

(Pisingh) your a Latin football king

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