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TheWhisperer 23-04-2003 20:38

Ex-Depor player: Roy Makaay (now at Feyenoord Rotterdam)
ive read the story about makaay, that he could leave this summer. but the story on the site isnt correct.

makaay came from tenerife several years ago and the contract which depor offered him wasnt a good one. he didnt have anything to choose, because he came from a relegated club. the club agreed to renew his contract when he would play well. as you all know he did. very well!! but depor didnt renew his contract, makaay wanted it several times, but Lendoiro didnt. Makaay is the worst paid player of the squad, im serious! its crazy, pichichi, european top goalscorer, the worst paid member of the squad!! so now makaay doesnt want to renew anymore and wants to be sold. lendoiro can tell what he wants about the clausule, but he has to think about his own financial situation. the club has serious debts, so he´s bluffing!!! every radiostation, every journalist in La Coruna criticise Lendoiro for his way of treating Makaay. the supporters will ´kill´ lendoiro when they will notice his way of handling makaay!! its pathetic!! you should treat a player like him better! much better!! pay him well, of let him go, he deserves it!! FORZA MAKAAY; FORZA DEPOR!

Leon 24-04-2003 09:50

Yes, it's absolutely true what you write! But Makaay never has spoken about it, fortunately he did yesterday. NOW we know the truth about it. Shame on Lendoiro as already in the season 1999/2000 Makaay showed his value to the club....

TheWhisperer 24-04-2003 10:18


maybe he should be the one who has to get less paid!! Djorovic is the best paid member of the whole team, how strange is that?! he never plays, is always injured! :confused:

if i was president, i would sell a hell of a lot players, depor has among 35 players, only 25 can play in La Liga! sell those other 10, sell Makaay, dont make the same mistake as last year with Tristan! the club wanted to sell him after a fantastic World Cup, but he didnt hit 1 ball right and got injured! so now they cant sell him anymore! Depor isnt a European ´Big´ Club! theyre among the clubs like Dortmund, Parma, Ajax, Liverpool, Valencia, but not like Barca, Real, Milan, Juve! they cant afford to keep buying players and dont sell any! what if Makaay wont be sold, how does the club want to increase their debts?! With Airmiles!!?? :D i bet every big club in europe would pay among 30000000€ for him, that should be enough! dont talk about that clausule shit, thats history, every player at Depor got that clausule, even Amavisca. :eek:

so lets see what will happen the coming weeks!!! :cool:

depor_hk 24-04-2003 11:02

I respect his decision because of his contribution to us (first la liga title(probably second this year) and a bunch of goals), also we just doesn't need to sell him to get some money
however IMO makkay should sign for a foreign club, even MU, rather than go to barcelona/RM :( :(. We doesn't want another rivaldo

Blues Londres 24-04-2003 11:37

If he says he is leaving in 2005 then sell him in the summer. He will be pichichi & possibly European Golden boot so we will get a good price for him. It would be sad to see him go but everyone has to move on & he wants to fufill his ambitions & we have always been good at replacing important players.

FORZA DEPOR OE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leon 24-04-2003 15:39

But we have luxury in our hands now with Makaay... He has proven to be of world class, so why not appreciate him for it? I cannot imagine him asking 5 million Euro per year (for example)... I think he just wants to be among the best earners at Deportivo, nothing strange...

Tristán is injury prone and Luque is not there yet... but them two combined with Makaay has shown to be a deadly threesome...

Mariens 24-04-2003 18:53

damn makaay is one of the best strikers in the world and with year he will win the golden boot. it's very bad that he will leave for nothing, i think we can give him more money and when we will need a new striker we will spend even more money, lendoiro ****ed it, maybe first time but this mistake will cost us much... :(

kaizz 24-04-2003 20:46

give him the contract he deserves and try to persuade him to stay. i'd rather see tristan leave than makaay, who has been much more helpful to us over the years.

Leon 24-04-2003 23:02

Indeed, Makaay has been more important, let's face it... but I don't know why we cannot sell some loaned out players and spent the money + their salaries on players we already have...

Xoán 25-04-2003 02:13

It would be a real shame is Makaay leaves 'cos Lendoiro doesn't want to pay more... I mean, hello, I'm sure that they can reach some kind of agreement!
If he's happy in the city and in the club, what's the problem? the guy deserves some more €s! for sure!
(maybe it's all a trick to get that a better salary quicker, who knows... but the last one who tried that was Figo in Barça and he ended up in R.Madrid... against his will... no matter what they say!).
Anyway... give it to him Augusto! he's not prescindible!!!

Leon 25-04-2003 10:32

I don't think Makaay wants to earn the most at Deportivo, but for I know his salary cannot be compared to many others as it's quite low...

TheWhisperer 25-04-2003 10:35

im sure of it that its no game he´s playing to get a better salary. and offcourse he wanted to stay at the club, but i dont blame him when youre ´superiors´ dont give you the credits which you deserve! there are 2 options i thinkt. 1. he will stay untill 2005, his contract runs out and the club will get ´no dinero´ for him. 2. he will leave this summer and the club will get the jackpot for him! which they can use!! and ive got a clear feeling that he will leave this summer, and i really, really dont blame him! its all about respect, and lendoiro didnt respect makaay for several years, and still doesnt, because there are no negotiations now! he wont renew, trust me!!

so sell him, and buy a winger and a defender. naybet and fran need to be replaced soon, so.....

tristan, luque and pandiani will replace makaay very well, im sure of it!!

Leon 25-04-2003 15:30

Yes, it seems there are two options left
1. sell now the European topscorer
2. or have him for 2 more years and let him go for free

I would vote for a third option, RENEWAL, but that's not the case. I'm indifferent to the other two options... depends on our coach for next season...

Adi 25-04-2003 17:03

I would like not to sell Makaay, but if this resolve financial problems it must be right! Tristan & Luque also are very good players. And so: dont sell him to any Spanish club :D
PS It's my first time here... Greetings for all!!!

Leon 25-04-2003 17:05


PS It's may first time here... Greetings for all!!!

Welcome! Another Polish guy here... :D

For sure Lendoiro won't sell Makaay to another Spanish club, so it's England or staying at Deportivo....


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