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deporiginal 05-04-2015 20:14

LIGA | Apr-05-2015 | matchday 28 | Getafe 2-1 Depor | post-match comments
18' Alexis 1-0
34' Escudero 2-0
79' Toché 2-1

VF's crazy experiment resulted in us being down 2-0 at half-time, having thrown the entire first half in the garbage can. We improved slightly in the second half, but basically, it was another disaster.

Not that the players are to be excused, but it's hard to get chances when there are absolutely no tactics to be seen. We once again played against a poor rival, and once again, they still had no problems beating us. Lucas Perez picked up another retarded yellow card, causing him to miss the most important game of the season. Brilliant.

Fariña in the starting line-up is downright inexplicable. Especially when on the other wing, Juanfran suddenly gets to play. With Laure taking his place at the back, an already shaky defense became even shakier, especially since we already had Insua covering for Lopo. Starting to experiment with the line-up at this stage of the league is already a bad idea, but when your experiment is as suicidal as this, it's even more inexplicable. I really want to understand what VF was thinking here, but I just can't get my head that far up my ass.

We still have a slight chance of staying up, thanks to our rivals failing, but the game against Cordoba will decide everything. If we don't win that one, it's over.

Thai Depor 05-04-2015 20:28

it was a really weird tactic from VF :'( Getafe was not that good, but we were clueless on what we were trying to do ... (another) must win against Cordoba !

deporiginal 05-04-2015 21:25

As predicted, he said we deserved at least a draw.

This guy is just absolutely unbelievable.

scoop 05-04-2015 22:17

It's getting dire

depooor 06-04-2015 00:05

I was saying way before this match..that Getafe coach Franco is a better tactician than Victor. Therefore, losing is very expected

Plus the tactic of Victor
There were quest marks over some players
Borges what hell is he doing?
Lucas Perez was awuful and frankly i was looking fforward to see him in the bench and now he isout.
Farina, i always said its terrible to play him at side, and every time he does, he show how obvious that its not his place
Luisinho, after his renewal his performance started to drop

Pathetic coaching in overall

Bring on Manu Masquera, am pretty sure he can manage to win two games at least

D.TRISTAN 06-04-2015 04:11

Now it's hard to get what the problem is.

Riazor warriors 07-04-2015 00:08

Insua was terrible, i wonder why Borja never play. i am very sad after this loss
2/21 points

Rack 07-04-2015 09:08

On top of everything else, we're still playing with fear. That's been evident for the last month. I wouldn't be at all surprised if VF was sacked today.

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