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Benn 04-10-2008 20:39

Desktop Wallpapers
I thought we needed a wallpaper for the our best European result in 4 years, so that's what I made. :)

I hope you like it.




We still have old wallpapers on the main site, which can be found here:

Any new wallpaper designs, please post here. :) (Edited by Vince)

Philip 04-10-2008 21:04

I didn't know that we play in UEDA Cup :confused:


Looks nice, old school! :D

baKe 04-10-2008 21:25

I LIKE it, I am gona use this as wallpaper! TNX mate

ggeorg 04-10-2008 21:52

great benn!!

scoop 04-10-2008 22:40

looks great!

Deporlover 04-10-2008 23:44

great work benn

gabi 05-10-2008 08:10

Really nice!

Barkoty 05-10-2008 12:35

Great job as always Benn :)

Shelvin 05-10-2008 20:18

Great job! I have that as my wall paper now! Thanx!

depooor 06-10-2008 20:37

well-done Man

tonideportivoBG 01-05-2013 16:38

I did that in my camp ( my university ) where i study, sleep and live more than 4 years, actually where i studied because i am gonna graduate this year, anyway i leave message, just want to say that We are all over the world and always will be, hope so next guy in this room to be someone of us! :)

Rack 01-05-2013 16:47

Cool, Toni the Artist!!
Don't forget to put the Forum web address on the wall too ;)

Blue_Nation 02-05-2013 15:23

That was great, Toni! :)

It will help to create new fans in the future, for sure. ;)

tonideportivoBG 04-05-2013 15:08

o man surely, but what will help really for creating fans in the future, is the players and the way in which they play, including the fans and of course the club.

EldeAlemania95 04-05-2013 23:36

Great one Toni :D

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