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MolinaFan 09-04-2004 15:12


Originally Posted by Wully
.Can somebody tell me how to post pics so I can share them with you,thanks.

yeah, I also wanna learn how can I put photos here??? My computer is full of Molina pphotos but I don't know how to post them here :(

Forza Depor! :howler:

Feliuk 09-04-2004 16:19

This summer I'm flying with Ryanair to Valladolid Hiring a car for 17 days and that is cheaper than flying to Coruna or Santiago :)

Xoán 10-04-2004 02:42

Flying direct to Santiago (i.e. via London) is a rip off... It's always cheaper to go via Madrid or Barcelona, and then to any Galician airport (sometimes there're good offers and if you're just a bit lucky you get a decent price).

JW2 10-04-2004 19:18

Alvédro - the management makes me soooooo angry all the time... This winter they were in talks with HLX (Hapag Lloyd Express), a low budget airline that would have brought me to A Coruna for 19 (!!) Euros... But it all went downhill :cry: :cry:

But for all of us - especially those from Ireland - there is new hope, although I am a bit pessimistic about RyanAir flying to A Coruna....

Check out this small notice from the Ayuntamiento de A Coruna

Feliuk 10-04-2004 19:38

If Ryanair fly to Coruña from London I would be the happiest person ever :) I would go at least 5 times a year.

Diligent 10-04-2004 19:44

There was a rurmor in the British press six months ago that Ryanair were going to fly to an airport in Galica. I wrote to them but they would not confirm or deny this option.

I have been to the Riazor five times. This season I have seen Real Sociedad and Juventus. Last season I saw Villarreal. Arsenal in The UEFA Cup and my first match was Atletico (98/99). Have any of you guys see Depor away (La Liga or Europe)

Jorge 10-04-2004 20:01


Originally Posted by Miles Nightingale
Have any of you guys see Depor away (La Liga or Europe)

Last time for me was on December 10th, 2003 versus PSV in Eindhoven!! I hope to see them in Gelsenkirchen at the endth of May...

Diligent 10-04-2004 20:11

I was in the San Siro when we lost 4-1 (history now). I hope to see them in the final too.

anuroc 10-04-2004 20:37

I only went to Parc des Princes to watch the first PSG - Depor; it was a semi final of the Cup Winners Cup, our team was depleted and I think we lost 1-0, PSG ended winning the title that year; it was 1996, I think

Navy 11-04-2004 05:32

how lucky you all living in europe :(
i'm in asia and i didn't know when i can go to a coruna !!!
maybe in the next 5 years after i'm old enough :P

Adi 11-04-2004 12:10

I have never been in La Coruna and in Spain :( Its not easy for me. You know - family, job, money etc. But ( like yours) Its my plan to see Riazor live. The biggest stadium I saw was Stuttgart's Gotlieb Daimler... Even I was on the field. But not like a player of course :D

riazor_lover 11-04-2004 18:14

I've been in Santiago bernabeu when Real played depor this season but I'll go to riazor this summer as my familly bought a house in Melilla (lays in Morocco) in spain and I'm going to explore the country as good as I can.

Ekholm 12-04-2004 19:18

I need to know some websites where I can search for flights within Spain. (not Spanair)
Can anyone help me?

Feliuk 12-04-2004 20:22

try this site I don't think it has airlines like easyjet and ryanair,but it will find you cheap tickets.

Feliuk 12-04-2004 20:22

I watched Depor at Villa park once, Old trafford once and highbury twice

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