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JW2 12-04-2004 20:32

The only ones that come to my mind right now are:
El Corte Ingles Viajes


Viajes Ecuador

Air Europa is another company with flights within Spain...

Xoán 12-04-2004 20:36

Spanish airlines... not Spanair... mmm...
Check these (they all have an English version somewhere ;) ):

and there're others, but only for charters and stuff....

BUT, if you REALLY want to know all travel possibilities check this out:

"Amadeus" is the database used by travel agencies. I mean, when you go to your local travel agency and ask "I want to go to..." and the guy behind the desk looks for stuff on the computer... they all check Amadeus! It began as a database, and now they have a web version... so use the professional tool! ;)
Amadeus summarises everything (then, you can check prices in the respective airline's websites).

Ekholm 12-04-2004 22:29

Thanks for your help guys!! I'm going with my family to Spain this autumn so I hope to get to La Coruña for a few days.

mig_superdepor 12-04-2004 23:44

the key is: if you want to get cheaper flights to santiago, you must book them straight after summer, in autumn etc, seats on planes are cheap, the later, much more expensive it is. but you must book early, then hire a car from santiago labacolla aeropuerto, to wherever you want. its very hard to get a flight to alvedro (coruna aeropuerto), it seems its only national- who knows?? i think you can get plane from gatwik-coruna, but only evry so often.

mig_superdepor 01-05-2004 15:18


Originally Posted by Miles Nightingale
Have any of you guys see Depor away (La Liga or Europe)

Yup, Arsenal away 1999-00 and 2001-02, man united 01-2 (both times), man utd 02-03, juventus away (this season)

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