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MolinaFan 06-04-2004 20:17

Have you ever been at "Riazor"???
hey fans, when my parents asked me where I wanna go 4 this summer holidays I replied: "To La Coruna of course" But I guess it'll never happen, but I'll always wish to be at Riasor at least one time. Had any of u ever been at this stadium??? Is it difficult to get autographs from Deportivo players at the city of A Coruca?? :confused: :cool:

I LOVE DEPOR!!! :howler:

Xoán 06-04-2004 20:29

Well, I guess that a good few of us have been at Riazor...
And getting an autograph is not difficult at all. It's very easy to meet the players walking around with their families/friends all the time. Well, unless you're looking for Tristan or Djalma... then you'll have to spend the night out from disco to disco chasing them! ;) :D

mig_superdepor 06-04-2004 21:52

As Xoan says, a fair few on this forum will have been to the Riazor, but one question i would like o ask off-hand, is why is the torre behind the stand and how long has it been there, its history, etc.
Its very easy to meet a depor player around in the city, as they don't tend to have problems being pestered all over the place by reporters. Last summer i saw valeron, manuel pablo, duscher, tristan and donato, during the teresa herrera copa. If not, the Abegondo training ground can be visited, and there would be no problems gaining autographs or signed shirts there whatsoever.

Depor_Chile 07-04-2004 03:58

someday I will visit Riazor

lake 07-04-2004 07:17

I hope someday I can get there!

Feliuk 07-04-2004 08:08

This is the 'New' Riazor 1945 arquitect was Rey Pedreira.

As you can see the tower has always been there as part and only standing bit of the original architecture.
There was room for 10.182 seated and 12.000 standing.

And this is the current one. How times change

As you can see although not very well the tower is still there.

mig_superdepor 07-04-2004 08:34

Wow, great pics Feliuk! The only thing i get concerned about when i go to Coruna, is the amount of graffiti all over the stadium, including the torre. It does take a bit of shine off the stadium.

Xoán 07-04-2004 09:08

Yep, the tower has always been an integral part of the stadium. It's called the "Marathon Tower" ('Torre de Marathón'), as it was located at the 'marathon curve' (see the old pic).
When Riazor was 'rebuilt' someone in the club talked about taking the tower down... that someone almost died at the hands of the fans! ;)

If there ever is a new Riazor one of MY conditions is this: keep the tower!!! ;) :D

("Até que tronce a Torre de Marathón"... as the song goes...)

Mglavan1 07-04-2004 09:40

No i dont bu one day i will

Bagsie 07-04-2004 10:22

Next season I will...
Propably seeing Deportivo - Barca.
Oh I can't wait to get some good seafood!

Diego 07-04-2004 10:50

I've heard one of the Depor players has a restaurant in La Coruña! is that true? :D This summer I probably will make a short visit in La Coruña, 'cause i will visit my dad's sister's place in Barcelona...

freakyy 07-04-2004 14:24

not yet! but I'm planning to go next year :)

Jorge 07-04-2004 14:33


Originally Posted by Diego
I've heard one of the Depor players has a restaurant in La Coruña! is that true? :D This summer I probably will make a short visit in La Coruña, 'cause i will visit my dad's sister's place in Barcelona...

Who is that and foremost which Restaurant is this? Has anyone ever eaten there? I wanna know too!!!!

Razvan 07-04-2004 14:34

I'm also gonna try to visit Spain in the next couple of years, but La Coruna seems so far away from the eastern and southern coast of Spain. Is coming there by anything else but the plane really an option, or is it like a 20 hrs. long trip using the train or bus ?!

Jorge 07-04-2004 14:41


Originally Posted by Razvan
I'm also gonna try to visit Spain in the next couple of years, but La Coruna seems so far away from the eastern and southern coast of Spain. Is coming there by anything else but the plane really an option, or is it like a 20 hrs. long trip using the train or bus ?!

La Coruna - Madrid is roundabout 550 Kilometers and crossing Madrid until reaching the Mediterranean will give you a maximum of 900 Kilometers Distance from the farest point of Spain Peninsula to Coruna... so I would assume 12 hours maximum by train (don't take the slowest though...) should bring you to Coruna from every point in Spain, am I wrong??

Xoán 07-04-2004 14:42

Train and bus takes ages, but it's cheap (train used to be VERY cheap).
Plane is the only "real" option if you want to make it fast... Now, prices depend very much on where you're flying from, and there're a number of different options regarding airports, airlines, etc. If you book early you can get a decent price anyway.
Renting a car is not a crazy idea... it all comes down to how much you like driving... ;)

Diego 07-04-2004 14:51

i was surprised to find out that La Coruña is a REALLY big city!!! :D i had always thought it was a smaller one :D
Does Scaloni own a restaurant? has anybody been there? :D

gabi 07-04-2004 14:58

One day i will visit A coruna. It´s my dream to see depor play live!

MolinaFan 07-04-2004 22:47

One day I'll come to A Coruca & hug all Depor players!!! They've won MILAN today, today is a holiday!!! Holiday of all Depor fans!!! I LOVE DEPOR!!!

Feliuk 07-04-2004 23:38

One day we'll plan a mass deportivo-la-coruna forum trip.If I win the lottery I'll pay :)

JW2 08-04-2004 00:39

About the prices I can get you some help, as I take the route every few weeks with my low student budget ;-)...

The cheapest option by far is to go by bus. It takes about 8 hours from Madrid to A Coruna bus station, and costs between 40-50 Euro. Buses leave every two hours or so, the last one at around 11o'clock at night, being in A Coruna early in the morning

I wouldn't recommend train though... There are only a few connections every day, and it will take the same time as with the bus, only it costs you more than 40 Euro more...

The most comfortable option is to go by plane from Madrid. However, the airport of A Coruna has a problem - it has only one company which is IBERIA (well, the airport has 10 desks, and one of them is by Portugalia Air, but I never ever saw anyone there, so it is basically IBERIA) - So no competition - and high prices, the best offers you get for 90 Euros, but for that you must be really fast, and have good luck.... As well, I think you only get them that cheap if you buy them in Spain...

Prices from Madrid to A Coruna: average: 150 Euro

Better option: fly to Santiago or even Vigo. There you have more options - SpainAir, AirEuropa and IBERIA, and you pay around 40-50 Euros less in the higher categories, well, I would say average price to Santiago 110-120 Euro...

uff.. that's it for the moment, any questions??? ;-)

Ekholm 08-04-2004 00:48


Originally Posted by Feliuk
One day we'll plan a mass deportivo-la-coruna forum trip.

I've been thinking of it too. What about everybody coming to Germany and watch Depor kick some ass in the CL final?? :)

Nuruldin 08-04-2004 01:03

it's ma dream to be there..
and i belive smday i'll be there and watch matches from the stadium.. coz i tired watching depor in tv-
where there is dream there is hope
i hope i can do that :d

alan partridge 08-04-2004 02:18

if you are outside of spain i reckon maybe the cheapest way is to fly to madrid and then get the bus to a coruna as mentioned before.

its worth the effort though, not just for coruna. galicia is a special place that is also still pretty untouched by the mass tourism of other parts of spain. best food too!

i have been to the riazor a couple of times. first time when i was about 10 and you could still see the tower clearly.

it made me laugh the comment about graffiti. there's sooo much in coruna, and while i like some graffiti i agree it does make thinks look a bit tatty sometimes.

last summer i went to the atletico friendly and after the game was in a bar near the stadium. irureta came in and the waiter introduced me to him. he was very friendly (even to the cd sellers) but asked me the question all non-english people ask of english people : 'do you support manchester united?'


Dave 08-04-2004 03:21


Navy 08-04-2004 06:40

is it u dave :D ?
no i never
but someday i MUST be there !!
it's my dream to come to a coruna
and stay there for at least 1 week
see they training session and watch their match live ;)
and of course to see and take a photograph with the players :P

Diligent 08-04-2004 19:07

If anybody wants to take the train from Madrid. Renfe run two trains a day from Madrid and the same back from A Coruna (Mon-Sat) and one on Sunday. The cost is about £50-60 for a return journey.
Madrid Charmartin 14.00 A Coruna 22.20
22.30 08.40

A Coruna 12.55 Madrid Charmartin 21.30
21.22 07.45
Madrid Charmartin 13.18 A Coruna 22.20

A Coruna 09.00 18.18

Check there website for details If you are from the Unted Kingdom Renfe have a office in London (0208 0800320) where you can book tickets 60 days in advance (possible discount availble on the above price).

Galicia is a wonderful part of Spain and A Coruna beats Brighton anyday. Go there even if its just for one day.

Mglavan1 09-04-2004 10:02

One day I will came to see Galicia and A Coruna, and of course to see one match in Riazor.
This is my dream

Wully 09-04-2004 14:16

I've been twice.
Both times were with my friend who was there ones before and had contacts with a couple of Depor-boys.

This encounter did chance his live ;) ,cause he was totally crazy about the place and the people.So he asked me to come along, being football-crazy too and also a bit interested in Depor, I didn't had to think to long.And i have to say everything he said was thrue!

First time was against Celta :mad: ,this was not long after the Prestige so things weren't too good for the people of Galiza.After a demonstration at the stadium we saw the game and we won 3-0!
Big party :ass:

Second time was against Villareal after seeing Club Brugge playing 1-1 in Vigo the wednesday before(with our friends Deporfans in Balaidos haha).Depor lost 0-1 in the last minutes after playing with 10 the whole second half (I think).
We also went to the training-ground and got a picture with Valeron,on the matchday we ran into Donato in the clubshop so we got a picture with him too.Can somebody tell me how to post pics so I can share them with you,thanks.

Wully 09-04-2004 14:24

To get there:we always fly to Madrid with Virgin for about 150 Euro's and rent a car.That is the cheapest way for us.Next time will be with Ryanair who fly to Valladolid(closer than Madrid) for about 50-60 Euro's!!!! (they fly from Belgium and UK)

MolinaFan 09-04-2004 15:12


Originally Posted by Wully
.Can somebody tell me how to post pics so I can share them with you,thanks.

yeah, I also wanna learn how can I put photos here??? My computer is full of Molina pphotos but I don't know how to post them here :(

Forza Depor! :howler:

Feliuk 09-04-2004 16:19

This summer I'm flying with Ryanair to Valladolid Hiring a car for 17 days and that is cheaper than flying to Coruna or Santiago :)

Xoán 10-04-2004 02:42

Flying direct to Santiago (i.e. via London) is a rip off... It's always cheaper to go via Madrid or Barcelona, and then to any Galician airport (sometimes there're good offers and if you're just a bit lucky you get a decent price).

JW2 10-04-2004 19:18

Alvédro - the management makes me soooooo angry all the time... This winter they were in talks with HLX (Hapag Lloyd Express), a low budget airline that would have brought me to A Coruna for 19 (!!) Euros... But it all went downhill :cry: :cry:

But for all of us - especially those from Ireland - there is new hope, although I am a bit pessimistic about RyanAir flying to A Coruna....

Check out this small notice from the Ayuntamiento de A Coruna

Feliuk 10-04-2004 19:38

If Ryanair fly to Coruña from London I would be the happiest person ever :) I would go at least 5 times a year.

Diligent 10-04-2004 19:44

There was a rurmor in the British press six months ago that Ryanair were going to fly to an airport in Galica. I wrote to them but they would not confirm or deny this option.

I have been to the Riazor five times. This season I have seen Real Sociedad and Juventus. Last season I saw Villarreal. Arsenal in The UEFA Cup and my first match was Atletico (98/99). Have any of you guys see Depor away (La Liga or Europe)

Jorge 10-04-2004 20:01


Originally Posted by Miles Nightingale
Have any of you guys see Depor away (La Liga or Europe)

Last time for me was on December 10th, 2003 versus PSV in Eindhoven!! I hope to see them in Gelsenkirchen at the endth of May...

Diligent 10-04-2004 20:11

I was in the San Siro when we lost 4-1 (history now). I hope to see them in the final too.

anuroc 10-04-2004 20:37

I only went to Parc des Princes to watch the first PSG - Depor; it was a semi final of the Cup Winners Cup, our team was depleted and I think we lost 1-0, PSG ended winning the title that year; it was 1996, I think

Navy 11-04-2004 05:32

how lucky you all living in europe :(
i'm in asia and i didn't know when i can go to a coruna !!!
maybe in the next 5 years after i'm old enough :P

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