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nitraM 23-06-2019 20:44

Me and the fans at the game cheering on a goal that doesn't count even though we know it didnt count hahaha

Marko 23-06-2019 20:44

Pablo Mari should have scored there. It was a great free kick by Pedro.

american123 23-06-2019 20:49

Need to hold out for the first 15 minutes and hope to score from a set piece. One goal for us and we can begin to celebrate.

peterke2000 23-06-2019 20:50

this coud go either way still.

abdul001 23-06-2019 20:51

HT 1-0
we need a goal to define this game

tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 20:51

We allowed an easy goal and our gameplan is wrong, because we are constantly inviting Mallorca in our half. We must keep the ball, but we don´t do it. We have to play smarter second half, otherwise we may stop here.

Tjorni 23-06-2019 20:53

Awful game by Depor so far, they need only one goal to score to decide a tie and instead we are locked in our side of the field. Alex was a huge loss for us.

Hori 23-06-2019 20:54

Damn 45 mins... we are so close and still so far from Primera. Just one goal, somehow we need to find one goal, but until this, this is crazy hard.

valeron21 23-06-2019 20:54

we are lost so far and missing links betwen the lines

need to improve a lot or we stay here next season

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:54

we gave them ball and let them dominate this game. I dont like this. they can score goal any time. we need one goal as soon as possible

MrButton 23-06-2019 21:00

I've been standing up watching the game since minute '20

benea 23-06-2019 21:06

More Depor players on the ground than running on the field...

MrButton 23-06-2019 21:07

Wow we are really doing the best we can eating up the clock....

Hori 23-06-2019 21:09

I think whoever scores the next will go up. I can imagine Mallorca defending the whole 90 - 120 minutes since with 2-0 they will go up.

nitraM 23-06-2019 21:11

2 much space in the middle vincente is a ghost.

Hori 23-06-2019 21:13

Baba is unbelievable for them... It’s so unfair we lost Álex and they have this Baba.

Marci 14 23-06-2019 21:16

That would be the 8th wonder of the world if we win this tie.

Marko 23-06-2019 21:16

Is Vicente Gomez even playing this game?
We should have started with Mosquera. Come on, if Fede is ready to play, he must enter in the game.

Hori 23-06-2019 21:18

Terrible midfield.. The whole strategy is wrong.

benea 23-06-2019 21:18

Oh shit

vlada 23-06-2019 21:18

No, no, no... Crap...

Marko 23-06-2019 21:19

It's over now...

Vatex 23-06-2019 21:19


Hori 23-06-2019 21:19

Now this is ****ed... I don’t know how this can be changed...

Marko 23-06-2019 21:20

It was a foul during the freekick and the idiot didn't whistled a foul against Vicente before their free kick. Speaking of bad reefeering...

valeron21 23-06-2019 21:20

whtf 2-0.....its gonna be hell now

abdul001 23-06-2019 21:20


nitraM 23-06-2019 21:21

Mallorca are so dirty. Foul on every attack get no cards. Even on that freekick they shoved everyone in the wall. Pathetic

tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 21:21

Well totally deserved and expected after 60 min., playing a shit.

nitraM 23-06-2019 21:24

What the ........ ARE THEY DOING

benea 23-06-2019 21:25

Gimenez is asleep. Almost killed the game with a poor trick.

nitraM 23-06-2019 21:27

Why is Fede, David Simon, Mosquera not playing?

Hori 23-06-2019 21:27

We need Fede, someone who can change the game.

abdul001 23-06-2019 21:28

Oh my God

nitraM 23-06-2019 21:29

No cards for mallorca but 50 fouls when we attack. Garbage ref.

walex 23-06-2019 21:30

Vicente is full of sheet

Vatex 23-06-2019 21:31

we still have chance. whre is fede he cant play 15 min?

walex 23-06-2019 21:32

Supersport 4 live in Nigeria

benea 23-06-2019 21:34

Quique with a fierce shot. Amazing save by Reina...

nitraM 23-06-2019 21:34

What a save.

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