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caabrego 23-06-2019 19:15

LIGA | June-23-2019 | playoff | 21h00 | Mallorca - Depor | Minute-by-minute
Reina - Joan Sastre, Valjent, Raíllo, Estupiñán – Aridai, Baba, Salva Sevilla, Dani Rodríguez - Lago Junior, Budimir

Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Pablo Marí, Saúl García – Pedro Sánchez, Vicente, Edu Expósito, Nahuel – Borja Valle, Quique González

Bench: Adrián Ortolá, David Simón, Diego Caballo, Didier Moreno, Pedro Mosquera, Fede Cartabia & Carlos Fernández


Diligent 23-06-2019 19:29

¡Vamos Depor!

*deportivo* 23-06-2019 19:29

Alex is not in line-up we see vicente gomez instead him

caabrego 23-06-2019 19:32


Originally Posted by *deportivo*
Alex is not in line-up we see vicente gomez instead him


MrButton 23-06-2019 19:43

Looks like the tactics from the game at La Rosaleda is being reused for todays game. Hoping for the same result then!

A Primera!

abdul001 23-06-2019 19:43

go for goals
don't concedes please
90mins away to promise land

Marci 14 23-06-2019 19:46

Vamos Depor!
We are only one goal away from Primera.

Diego Tristan 23-06-2019 19:46

Back To La Liga!!!!


Deportivo Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Deportivo Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Deportivo Oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e

Marko 23-06-2019 19:50

I'm feeling very nervous at the moment. A goal in their net will mean that we are back in Primera. It's one of the most important matches in the recent history of Depor. Vamooooossss!!!

valeron21 23-06-2019 19:52

hope we will be again a solid team.....lots of work in midfield and defense.....hope nahuel prove me wrong that he can be a starter

vamos depor

caabrego 23-06-2019 19:54

Best link:

peterke2000 23-06-2019 19:58

most important game in a while this is a few million euro game.

Shelvin 23-06-2019 20:00

Rafael Nadal is in attendance. Didn’t know he was from Mallorca.

MrButton 23-06-2019 20:01

Boveda is the captain in Alex's absence. Would never had guessed...

tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 20:01

We need to keep cleansheet first 25 mins., and our task will be much easier.

Marko 23-06-2019 20:03

As the commentators of the game said our fans didn't recieve the same treatment as their fans on the first match. It seems we got the tickets for the highest seats. Also, both teams should have had launch together, but it didn't happen.

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:04

has someone acestream link? or HD link?

Shelvin 23-06-2019 20:05

I can see some empty seats. Seems they couldn’t sellout.

Marko 23-06-2019 20:07

The refeeree could have wisthled a penalty in the Valle's situation.

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:07

2-0 = extra time?

Marko 23-06-2019 20:09


Originally Posted by Vatex
2-0 = extra time?

Yes. If it remains 2-0 in the extra time, they will win the tie.

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:11


Originally Posted by Marko
Yes. If it remains 2-0 in the extra time, they will win the tie.

hope this wont happen

Marci 14 23-06-2019 20:20

Here comes trouble...

Marko 23-06-2019 20:20

Crap, 1-0 Budimir.
They were pushing heavily, we desperatelly need a defensive midfielder at the moment.

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:21

wake up boys wtf

Diego Tristan 23-06-2019 20:22

**** not looking good now

tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 20:22

Hate to say, but this was a world class play by Budimir. We are in trouble.

valeron21 23-06-2019 20:26

a goal will be so vital for us

benea 23-06-2019 20:26

And now a freekick right in front of goal...

Hori 23-06-2019 20:27

What’s pretty sure that we need a goal...

tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 20:27

Quique is too slow today. He seems out of shape.

Marci 14 23-06-2019 20:28

Nahuel off

Marko 23-06-2019 20:30

Three injuries in match and a half. Unbelievable...

abdul001 23-06-2019 20:36

by God grace we will make it

MrButton 23-06-2019 20:38

Lago Junior is holding the ball very well...tough to steal it from him

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:38

here Fede would be great. he can hold the ball

benea 23-06-2019 20:38

Mallorca is awful, but we make them look like champions league quality...
Lago with 2 defenders close to him gets a clear shot on goal. Amazing amateurs!

Hori 23-06-2019 20:40

Baba is much better than Pedraza... Actually Baba is the best player for them so far... And we really miss Alex.

nitraM 23-06-2019 20:40

Why is Boveda playing and not David Simon?

peterke2000 23-06-2019 20:42

fllowing the game treu live score this shit is neverwreaking holly crap

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