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deporik 18-02-2007 16:55

18/02/07 Deportivo v Levante (Minute by Minute thread) La Liga
Hopefully we can improve our unbeaten run in 2007 even further with a victory today against Levante.

They've got a few victories themselves lately including one at the Bernabeu but our home record is much better than Real Madrid's :D

Last time we played Levante at the Riazor, we managed a 1-0 win and I think this one will be close too but if we get the 3 points, that'll do me fine.


Radio (Cadena Ser- Spanish) (Radio Voz - Spanish)

Score updates

Please check the 'Depor on TV' thread.

Possible Teams
Deportivo: Aouate - Barragán, Lopo, Andrade, Capdevila - Estoyanoff, Duscher, De Guzman, Álvarez - Arizmendi, Rubén Rivera.
Levante: Molina - Manolo, Serrano, Alexis, Rubiales - Riga, Tommasi, David Camacho, Kapo - Nino, Salva.

Johny_Blaze 18-02-2007 16:57

stadium is almost emptyy :(

Tomek 18-02-2007 16:58

Are you watching the game Johny? If yes, tell me how.

Filip 18-02-2007 16:58

i have my T-shirt on

(i should get that Tristan off of the back somehow LOL)

Let's crush them!!!!!

Crocodile_Dundee 18-02-2007 16:58

I love the starting line-up!!:)

scoop 18-02-2007 16:58

A good feeling about this one...we must win
lets go.
molina plz let in two for the old blue and whites!

yea croc- two pure live-wire wingers...lets see what they can do

dejan84 18-02-2007 16:58

hehe, and when the club will move, everyone will be asking themselfs WHY OH WHY? its because you sit on your asses on sunday and not go support the team

rajacasa 18-02-2007 16:59

Vamos Depor!!! :***2:

Benn 18-02-2007 16:59

How do I open radiovoz in another player than windows media player???

Johny_Blaze 18-02-2007 16:59


Originally Posted by Tomek
Are you watching the game Johny? If yes, tell me how.

yes,with my satellite dish:)

Captain Charisma 18-02-2007 17:00

Deportivo La Coruna vs Levante

Deportivo La Coruna: Aouate, Barragan, Andrade, Lopo, Capdevila, Duscher, De Guzman, Rivera, Estoyanoff, Pablo Alvarez, Arizmendi

Subs: Munua, Coloccini, Sergio, Adrian, Juan Rodriguez, Juanma, Verdu

Levante: Molina, Manolo, Alexis, Nino, Rubiales, Camacho, Kapo, Tommasi, Serrano, Salva, Mustapha Riga

Subs: Cavallero, N'Diaye, Ettien, Harte, Reggi, Robert, Descarga

Is this one correct anyway?

Bolbu 18-02-2007 17:00

vamos vamos!

scoop 18-02-2007 17:02


paste that link in everytime benn

dejan84 18-02-2007 17:02

its funny, we got 4 central midfielders as subs:)

deporik 18-02-2007 17:02

The teams in the original post have been confirmed on RadioVoz. I never caught the subs though.

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