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nlkonneh 12-07-2007 01:42

This Guy bedda be bedda than Jorge Andrade

Tomek 12-07-2007 07:20


Originally Posted by caabrego
I just read that Atletico Madrid spent three years chasing him, and Lendoiro took it in one night :D

Lendoiro rocks this summer :D I'm starting to look forward with hope to the next season.

hari 12-07-2007 08:24

this is a top quality signing!! from wht i've heard so far this guy is possibly the best defender outside La Liga in Spain.. i think that Valencia was very clsoe sign him at one time..
wht makes happy the most is that we were chasing Sergio Sanchez of Espanol.. he is a player of the same age and a youth international.. while his signing cud have been very problematic and much more costly and with buy-back clauses and sell-on fees, we got a player with a very similar profile who has more experience in Segunda and also for a smaller fee.. well done Lendoiro!! and Welcome to your new home Aythami!!

Sultan 12-07-2007 08:51

Woho, one player per day, if I miss reading the news section one day I will lose count of our players!!!

Leon 12-07-2007 09:55

Getafe and Recre wanted him too. Two ambitious clubs who were fighting for Europe this season.

Ekholm 12-07-2007 10:18

This is a great signing! Seems like Lendoiro is doing a good job this silly season after a few failed ones lately.

Daniel_Svard 12-07-2007 10:46

Agreed, very interesting buy, good job leindoro! I'd say he will be a great 3rd choice as central defender! I just hope he gets to play some games, so that he can continue to evolve!

gabi 12-07-2007 16:37

Very good. I have a feeling that the previus buys from the iland have something to do with this buy. We have five players from las palmas in our squad right now!

dj-origenal 12-07-2007 17:35

Great,another signing.....better than last transfer season i think!!:)

depooor 12-07-2007 19:13

absoultely looks like luque


ammmm, perhaps lendoiro is moving but its not necessary that they will work good with depor ....but anyhow we must look in the bright side

hope he comes another arbeloa or better ,god willing

vink 12-07-2007 22:38

We've had good luck with signing Canarians, and I hope he continues the tradition.

Joak 12-07-2007 22:50


Originally Posted by dejan84
here is the screen
the guy is good, this is a very good longterm buy. I accept this as compesation for not getting alexis last year

are that screen from the game?

hari 14-07-2007 18:11

i heard that Aythami wud come practically free (for €78.000, precisely).. this is due to some pre-agreed deals between depor and Las Palmas.. can someone clarify it more?

caabrego 14-07-2007 19:37

No, what happens is that Deportivo demanded the previous president of las Palmas for breaking the deal Las Palmas-Deportivo, the judge decided that we were right and that the ex-president has to pay us like half of million, so we practically bought Ayhtami for peanuts if we consider this money.

dejan84 14-07-2007 19:39

yeah that must be it, because he is worth much much more than 600k, probably in the same league as alexis, 3M or something

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