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deporik 14-12-2008 16:45

La Liga | Valladolid v Deportivo | 14-12-2008 | Minute by Minute Thread
2 of Spains form sides meet today. Depor have only won twice at the Zorilla but have won 5 of the last 6 games in a Liga and only Barca have scored more points than Depor recently. Valladolid have also had a good run lately and they've played some very good sides recently.

RADIO: (Radio Voz- Spanish) (Radio Gallega - Galician)



Real Valladolid: Justo Villar - Pedro López, Luis Prieto, García Calvo, Marcos - Vivar Dorado, Álvaro Rubio - Pedro León, Canobbio, Sesma - Víctor or Goitom.
Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Zé Castro, Filipe - De Guzmán, Juan Rodríguez - Lafita, Verdú, Guardado - Mista.
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo.
Kick-off: 17h00 (José Zorrilla)
Record Vs Valladolid: 15 wins for Depor, 13 draws, 18 wins for Valladolid (Primera)
Record at the José Zorrilla: 2 wins for Depor, 8 draws, 13 wins for Valladolid (Primera)

ggeorg 14-12-2008 17:01


Robinho 14-12-2008 17:02

Corrrrrrrrrrunaaaaaaa Vamoooooooooos We Want Victory

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:02

Vamossssssssss Depooooorrrrrrrrrrr

Diego Tristan 14-12-2008 17:03

for what the quiet minute??

Philip 14-12-2008 17:03

Vamos Depor!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DK Blanquiazul 14-12-2008 17:03

Vamos DEPOR!

What's the silence for?

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:04

First attack by Valladolid cleared by Guadardo.

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:05

Mista no first touch yet ;)

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:06

We almost scored just now.......

Shelvin 14-12-2008 17:06

Great cross by guardado!

Philip 14-12-2008 17:07

Ufffff! What a chance for Valladolid!

Shelvin 14-12-2008 17:07

They almost scored!

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:07

Great save there by aranzubia...A moment of confusion in the defence..

ggeorg 14-12-2008 17:07

that was very difficult for aranzubia

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:08

good clearance of cross by JR.

deporik 14-12-2008 17:08

Corner For Them Now

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:09

You know because of aranzubia I feel so confident of the back line.

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:10

Valladolid trap.

Diego Tristan 14-12-2008 17:13


Originally Posted by Varsh150783
Valladolid trap.

nice to see you back

Adrián López Álvarez 14-12-2008 17:13

Anyone have a stream

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:14

deportivo is shutting down attacks well..

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:14


Originally Posted by Adrián López Álvarez
Anyone have a stream

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:15


Originally Posted by Diego Tristan
nice to see you back

Diego I had been so busy with work I could not follow games. Now I am fairly relaxed I am BACK!!!! Great to see you here mate.

Adrián López Álvarez 14-12-2008 17:16


Originally Posted by Varsh150783

Thank u very much

it works well

monkeypuncher 14-12-2008 17:17

Nice cross by DeGuz... too bad Guardad's shot goes wide.

Shelvin 14-12-2008 17:17

Damn Guardado cudve scored!

Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:17

great to see a cross from guzman met by guadardo.. I think it was offside..

tsapa 14-12-2008 17:17


monkeypuncher 14-12-2008 17:18


Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:18

Valladolid 1-0

Michał 14-12-2008 17:18

Gol valladolid :(

Diego Tristan 14-12-2008 17:18


The DK Blanquiazul 14-12-2008 17:18

Goddammit. Leon is simply too good.

Shelvin 14-12-2008 17:18


Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:18

Too bad it was a deflection...the striker was at the right moment..

monkeypuncher 14-12-2008 17:19

Now we'll see what the boys are made of... I don't think we've been able to come back from a deficit yet this season.

Daniel_Svard 14-12-2008 17:19

Lopo should have stayed closer to sesma, but really not much to do there, it was a good run by sesma and a lucky deflection on the cross that made the goal.

Philip 14-12-2008 17:19


Varsh150783 14-12-2008 17:19

Mista offsie.

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