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monkeypuncher 23-08-2014 21:11

Damn! 1-1

Marko 23-08-2014 21:11

What a goal...

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:11

mmm 1-1

valeron21 23-08-2014 21:12

1-1 fukk

Ralo 23-08-2014 21:12

Saw that coming...

Filip 23-08-2014 21:13

both goals are keeper faults

valeron21 23-08-2014 21:16

we are switching to 4-3-3 with Medunjanin for Luisinho

Marko 23-08-2014 21:16

Yup, Lux should have reacted far better in this situation. Also, their striker made clever "basketball" block to Lopo to stop him to take the ball from Rochina...

valeron21 23-08-2014 21:28

bad 2nd half so far

walex 23-08-2014 21:28

Guys come on you. Can do it find the last one

Ralo 23-08-2014 21:28


Originally Posted by Marko
"basketball" block

Its called a "screen play" or "setting a screen."

vink 23-08-2014 21:30

Jeez, this is a pretty rough, EPL style match so far.

Filip 23-08-2014 21:33

Nothing has changed: we have the ball, everybody's on opponent's half, and we pass back to the keeper, jeeez!

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:34

crap 2-1

Marko 23-08-2014 21:34

0 points, that's it...

Filip 23-08-2014 21:34

Lux didnt even try, just watching :(

valeron21 23-08-2014 21:35

omg 2-1...weak defense...

vink 23-08-2014 21:36

I don't think that was Lux's fault. Granada has been trying to loop it in like that the last two free kicks. Bad defending from JuanRo, I think.

Marko 23-08-2014 21:36

We don't have answer for Rochina, he DESTROY us today...

vink 23-08-2014 21:44

We've got control, but it's going to be really hard to break down that packed defense. Getting closer...

walex 23-08-2014 21:47

Sad mood

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:48

3 more minutes come on Depoooooooooooooooor

Marko 23-08-2014 21:50

Canela is slower than Juca...

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:50

FT 2-1 we deserved a point at least

deporenrique 23-08-2014 21:55


Originally Posted by Riazor warriors
FT 2-1 we deserved a point at least

I dont think we deserved anything today.

Fair result!

I will be a long and hard season to watch I think...

nitraM 23-08-2014 22:30

First half we did decent Excessive fouls to stop granadas plays which i don't like but I guess it was working we had many chances to score but nothing came out of it then we scored and the team basically had no more attacks and was satisfiedd with a 1-0. Our lack of a forward who can actually run for a ball is evident.

The 1-1 shouldnt of happened as Lopo was being held by El Arabi during the play off the ball giving Rochina a chance to shoot.

Our subs were absolutely obsurd and positioning for them was honestly horrible to watch. Cavaleiro showed hes a winger and not a #9 and putting him as falsed nine left the middle open since no one rotates. Cuenca and Cavaliero did well. Juan Dominguez was a huge disappointment.

I have 0 confidence with this coach at this point. We play ugly football with loads of fouls and came out losing. It works for Atletico not us.

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