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caabrego 23-08-2014 19:31

LIGA: 23-08-2014 | 21h00 | matchday 01 | Granada v Depor | minute-by-minute
Granada: (4-4-2) Dimitrievski - Nyom, Mainz, Babin, Sissoko - Yuste, Fran Rico, Rochina, Juan Carlos - El Arabi, Machís.

(4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Lopo, Insua, Canella – José Rodríguez, Juan Dominguez – Cavaleiro, Fariña, Luisinho – Toché.


walex 23-08-2014 19:34

Good luck deportivo in all match

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 19:51

so many links :)

Go Go Gooooooooooooooooooo Depooor...!

D.TRISTAN 23-08-2014 19:53

Here We Go!

valeron21 23-08-2014 19:58

vamos depor, here we start

want at least a draw !

valeron21 23-08-2014 19:59

the sopcast link is awesome

Marci 14 23-08-2014 20:02

which link is the best?

walex 23-08-2014 20:07

Which link can work on a blackbarry

monkeypuncher 23-08-2014 20:08

First match of the Season! Come on Depor!!!

Ralo 23-08-2014 20:08

Bein English stream

Marko 23-08-2014 20:09

Farina should have scored here :(

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 20:10

good chance, almost

Filip 23-08-2014 20:10

when you miss THAT, you dont have any business in Primera as a player!

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 20:21


monkeypuncher 23-08-2014 20:21


The DK Blanquiazul 23-08-2014 20:21


Marko 23-08-2014 20:21


Ralo 23-08-2014 20:21

Bam! Suckas...

tsapa 23-08-2014 20:21


walex 23-08-2014 20:21

Come on guys

valeron21 23-08-2014 20:21

goool cavaleiroooooo

peterke2000 23-08-2014 20:21


Blue_Nation 23-08-2014 20:22


Tomek 23-08-2014 20:22

Yeah! Good beginning.

Filip 23-08-2014 20:22

Thanks, keeper!

i must have missed something; who is cavaleiro??

Marci 14 23-08-2014 20:23

first, i think its gone wide but after the commentator said goooool :D

walex 23-08-2014 20:23

More. More too comes

Marko 23-08-2014 20:24

Ohhh now I saw that Macedonian Stole Dimitrievski debuted on the goal of Granada :D
I never liked him when he played in Rabotnicki, but after this goal I'm starting to like him :D

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 20:25

I hope this Nyom get a red card

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 20:31

hi speed game

valeron21 23-08-2014 20:34

too many fouls so far

Ralo 23-08-2014 20:36


Originally Posted by Filip
i must have missed something; who is cavaleiro??

Who are any of these guys?!

Filip 23-08-2014 20:40


Originally Posted by Ralo
Who are any of these guys?!

yeah, that menual pablo something, is he new??

Marko 23-08-2014 20:41

We are playing very agressive with lot of fouls. Starting to like it :D

valeron21 23-08-2014 20:48

just luisinho with a yellow, expect more cards if we continue like this :)

luisinho is not so active and sharp enough, canella can not attack well, we lose many balls and fights

deporenrique 23-08-2014 20:50


Originally Posted by Marko
We are playing very agressive with lot of fouls. Starting to like it :D

Yes we commit lots of small fouls, which is something were not used to see from Depor; I do not however like the fact that we may double yellows by the end of the game...

When it comes to the actual game, I believe JD and JR are doing a good job. Toche is working hard, but we need Farina to touch the ball more often.

aldo 23-08-2014 20:54


Originally Posted by Marko
We are playing very agressive with lot of fouls. Starting to like it :D

Me too. Although some of the fouls were unnecessary, we haven't been an aggressive team during the opponents' possession in a long time. Already liked what I saw in that department in the pre-season, it's something that's become incredibly important in the last years.

When we had the ball we did mostly well not to lose it too early, not much to be seen in the final third though. Any kind of victory will be great for our confidence, so let's hope we can hold on to this.

Marko 23-08-2014 20:54

It's obvious that they have better individuals, but I like that our players run a lot, and we are double or even triple the number of players covering the player that is having the ball. Plus we are making a lot clever fouls far from our area...
Farina is maybe the player that should push harder. Still can't belive what did he missed in the first chance...

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:01

good first half, hold on lads

Riazor warriors 23-08-2014 21:06

get Lousinho out plz

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