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Hori 12-06-2014 12:03

Greetings from Hungary
Hello Everyone,

I'm Gabor from Hungary, but my nickname is Hori, because the Gabor first name is a common one in Hungary. I'm a big Depor fan since 2002.
I was 14 years old when I saw my first Depor match in TV, it was a CL match against Juventus where we won 2-0. Curiously before that I wanted to support RM because my classmates loved that team. I had seen some of their matches, without any excitement, and then one Depor match was enough for me 'fall in love'. I had never planned to watch their games, but one night I just turned the TV to watch football and I saw them in live and just after that, on the weekend I saw their liga game repeat against Barcelona (Depor lost that game against 3:2) and that time I was already a big fan :).
And 2002 was a tremendous year with fantastic matches against Arsenal, MU, Juventus and off course with the unforgettable "Centenariazo". Funny thing that i hadn't known anything about the rivalization against Valencia, but when I saw Depor against the bats I just hated them from the very beginning :) and the same goes for RM I laughed my *ss off when we humiliated them in the last matchday (3-0).
So since 2002 I've been following Depor games. It is a fixed program for every weekend. Luckily the streams help me a lot to watch the games, but sometimes we can watch Depor games on the Hungarian sports channel too.
If I have to pick one footballer for the 'My favourite player' award then I would probably choose Tristan. But Valeron, Makaay, Coloccini, Filipe, Andrade, Capdevila, Luque, Victor are all my loved players. And I'm still sad that Iago Iglesias left the club.
I'm also part of the Hungarian Depor fan forum, from where I know Marci and DepHun.
My big dream is to travel A Coruna and it looks like I can visit this beautiful city in August and hopefully I can watch the Teresa Herrera tournament.
In the past I regularly checked this forum for fresh news, but somehow I missed the registration. I'm sure I will have great time with you and I hope soon we can see Djukic on the bench with Marchena as his assistant manager, but this is another topic ;)


Diligent 12-06-2014 12:17

Welcome and enjoy the forum. What is the meaning of your nickname?

caabrego 12-06-2014 12:22

Welcome :)
Depor Hun will be pleased

Blue_Nation 12-06-2014 15:48

Welcome Hori! Enjoy the forum! :)

Rack 12-06-2014 16:10

Ola Hori!!
Great to have you with us.
Djukic and Marchena would be a fearsome combination - I like your thinking already!!!
Have fun and chat to you soon.

deporik 12-06-2014 16:23

Welcome to the forum Hori. Have fun :)

walex 12-06-2014 23:17

You are welcome you make me remember some past I love your spirit you will be a future good fan

Riazor warriors 13-06-2014 17:36

Good to have another Hun fan, i met Kalman (depHun) in beautiful Budapest almost 2 years ago.
welcome mate & enjoy the forum

DepHun 13-06-2014 17:53

Szia Gábor! :D

ggeorg 13-06-2014 21:26

welcome Hori :)

D.TRISTAN 14-06-2014 05:26

Welcome! Nice to meet you, Hori!

Marko 14-06-2014 16:41

Welcome Hori :)

istike 17-06-2014 08:03

Üdv, Gábor!

Sultan 17-06-2014 09:12

Welcome Hori, beautiful story, you should pick up writing as a hobby and maybe a profession.

Amazing memories.

Depor forever.

Hori 20-06-2014 12:58

Thanks for the warm welcomes :) It felt me good.

Originally Posted by Diligent
Welcome and enjoy the forum. What is the meaning of your nickname?

It's just a nickname related to my name, nothing special meaning.:)

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