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caabrego 24-05-2007 18:19

Forum Policy
Dear Members,

We are opening this international window in order to offer our members a warm place in which they can interact with other members in their native language. We believe that this initiative will satisfy the necessity of cultural identity between some members, but please remember that you are most welcome at the main English-speaking forum. In order to maintain the order, there are three rules that should be followed:

1- For the moment, we are only opening threads in Spanish and Galician-Portuguese. That's because these are the two main languages related to Depor and also because our moderators are able to follow the discussions in these languages. These languages will only be allowed in this 'Other Languages' forum. We admit that this is just a little experiment, we might be opening new threads in other languages in the near future.

2- All the rules explained in our Forum Policy: ( apply for these threads.

3- Please stick to the one language-one thread rule. Only moderators can create new threads in the 'Other Languages' forum.

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 03:33.

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