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Riazor warriors 21-04-2019 16:18

Boveda was our captain ����

Vatex 21-04-2019 16:18


Originally Posted by Thai Depor
Boveda as a starter

I should predict that we are going to lose again today ... the coach who drops one of our best midfield and picks someone else ... reckon another disappointment after all the top teams have secured 3 points

congrats, Boveda became our captain :D

ggeorg 21-04-2019 16:23

That santos is like a slow taborda

Thai Depor 21-04-2019 16:25


Originally Posted by Vatex
congrats, Boveda became our captain :D

We have Dani if we want seniority ... We have Edu if they want someone who has worked their way from Fabril

more over, he benches our best midfield/captain (Bergantions) and does not pick the arguably second best (Vicente)

and the coach selects Boveda ... and this is the result

Vatex 21-04-2019 16:29

whre is alex? is he healthy?

tonideportivoBG 21-04-2019 16:30

Things arent looking good. Tino, next coach ?

Diligent 21-04-2019 16:34

Albion Rovers showed more passion yesterday and that's saying a hell of a lot about this Depor side

ggeorg 21-04-2019 16:34


Originally Posted by Vatex
whre is alex? is he healthy?

Not much watching this

Thai Depor 21-04-2019 16:34

Victor has been available since forever but he appoints Natxo

Apparently, Tino does not like Victor and he has found the job with the team that matches his style (strong defensive with great counter-attacking game - which is really important in the high stake game like playoff) and be in the position where he can shine the most as the coach

Tino is as thick as the wall and his ego, perhaps is as high as the skyscraper

ggeorg 21-04-2019 16:36

Quique has fallen like 10 times today, what kind of a joke is this???

Vatex 21-04-2019 16:40

this is the most painfull lose for me

at this time with this last place extremadura...

our rivals everyone won yesterday

Vatex 21-04-2019 16:48

too late we wake up...

Thai Depor 21-04-2019 16:48

4 more minutes to save our face

Vatex 21-04-2019 16:51

we should have played this ****ing game as we palyeed last 5 min... how hard is this to understand our players????????????????????????? its hard??????????

from 1 min to 90 min

rubish team

ruin every weekend to fans

Thai Depor 21-04-2019 16:52

what a shambolic team ...

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