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Riazor warriors 04-03-2019 21:46

Good football by both teams HT 1-1

Vatex 04-03-2019 21:47

our defence is heartattacking today

Adi 04-03-2019 21:49

Not bad. We should lead 3:1 but, like ussually, luck of efficiency :(

Vatex 04-03-2019 21:54

Edu Quique are most active in my opinion.

Also Fedes freekick was inside and it needed camera ref I think. maybe it was goal

Hori 04-03-2019 21:55

No midfield. Caballo and Nahuel are erased by Laure. I’m not happy at all. We need to create more opportunities. Draw is not an option.
I’m happy for Quique, it’s really important to see him on track again. We need goals.

MrButton 04-03-2019 22:01

Physical. Physical game! Deportivo playing very well, but Alcorcon also allowing Depor to have the ball. Clearly they are searching for luck in the counter attacks.

A few things that stuck out during 1st half:
Alex B. is - once again - having a solid game. He is undoubtedly the most valueble player to this team. It's a delight to see him control the midfield along side Mosquera, who's also having a great game(should've scored no doubt)

Cartabia made a huge, costly and frustrating-to-watch mistake where Simon just had to give up a penalty. However, all of our chances is coming through the left side. Nahuel in the opposite side is being shut down completely by Laure. He's been invisible offensively.

Mari+Duarte in defense is a duo I'll never get tired of watching. Excellent play by both of them, just as well as in the Malaga game, and the guys are contributing greatly on offence(Duarte with great deep passes and Mari creating a lot of distraction on free kicks and corners.

And last but definitely not least: Edu E.
His offensive qualities keeps getting better. He has become a very valuable asset to the offense. Keeps hold of the ball, finds open guys on the flanks, and a great finisher, which we've seen a couple of times this season. Montiel has got to watch this game from somewhere and thinking, he wishes to be the next Edu E from Fabril.

Alright back to 2nd half! I'm confident We'll get it done within the next 45 minutes.

3-1 Vamos Depor

Riazor warriors 04-03-2019 22:10

Nono is destroying David Simon & he should be careful not to get red!

Hori 04-03-2019 22:16

Simon is crazy... going for the red...

Filip 04-03-2019 22:17

I spilled my coffee when he hit the woodwork :D

Riazor warriors 04-03-2019 22:18

Edu wasted the goal of the season

Thai Depor 04-03-2019 22:20


Originally Posted by Filip
I spilled my coffee when he hit the woodwork :D

Do you have coffee at 10:20 PM, mate? ;)

Filip 04-03-2019 22:22


Originally Posted by Thai Depor
Do you have coffee at 10:20 PM, mate? ;)

Actually yes, since it's the first day i'll drink alcohol just 4 times a week anymore :p

Riazor warriors 04-03-2019 22:31

Penalty kick for depor

Vatex 04-03-2019 22:32

never miss Quique!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riazor warriors 04-03-2019 22:32

Goaaaaaaaaal 2-1

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