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The DK Blanquiazul 18-09-2010 10:44

If speaking only of the two football games on PC, find it hard to decide. Last year I hardly played either, but it genuinely looks good on the football game front now.

PES feels a lot more like football simulation in the general play for me. Passing is much better than in FIFA, and once you get the controls settled, it's a joy to play there. It feels more free, ball plays slower and more realistic. Defending also requires a lot more timing. And finally, with the proper pace I feel a lot more satisfaction by finally getting through and scoring.

FIFA has got the details. PES hasn't really got proper set-pieces. There's a lot more freedom on that department in FIFA, and it works well there.
Head duels work good, too, again, more free, although the way the ball floats and goes around ruins it a bit.
The ability to change players on the right analogue stick is fantastic - even though it could work a bit better, and on the sound department, FIFA is miles ahead at creating a good atmosphere. (though PES hasn't got commentators in the demo)

I'm currently over to the PES side, but will play both when they come out.

deporiginal 20-09-2010 20:14

I have hardly played these games on PC, perhaps once or twice with friends, and from my experience, it's PES hands down.

But if you haven't played Fifa on X360 or PS3, you haven't played it at all :)

Depor_Vin 21-09-2010 18:07

Anyone here on Xbox live by the way?

Joak 23-09-2010 10:42

yes ;) Joakimxm ill log on when fifa 11 is out

Deportivo fanatic 23-09-2010 20:56

fifa 2011
fifa 11 has came out on demo. maybe,for ps2,ps3 will come out october! sure will be better from the others fifa!

Megalolz 02-10-2010 20:16

good game:D better then the fifa 10

a new league i think is the russian league.

Joak 03-10-2010 18:56

depor lost a half star to 3 and a half :(

Joak 10-10-2010 14:32

Im dissepointed the net and goal is ugly the grass is ugly so im not going to buy it to soon i think

deporiginal 14-10-2010 11:05

I bought it, and must say, this is so much better than last year's horrible edition. Also, Fifa 08, 09 and 10 always felt pretty much the same game. 09 had some improvements, 10 screwed up everything, but it did play in the same way. This feels completely different to me again. When I started playing 09 and 10, I immediately started on legendary getting solid results. That's not the case this time.

There are again a few classical inexplicable design choices that EA could've easily avoided, like in manager mode the scores of the other games appear at the top right in the screen, in a non-transparant bright white box. So either it literally gets in the way of the ball, and even if you're playing on the other side of the pitch, it's so bright it's distracting anyway. And it appears constantly. Haven't found a way to turn it off yet.

The keeper has been fixed though, which was very necessary. The referee is still a joke and the AI's free kicks are still kicked with laser-precision though. But anyway, at least this game is fun again. And Depor again has all three shirts in this game :D Last year we only had two shirts, which was slightly annoying sometimes.

Michał 31-10-2010 01:28

Wanted to buy it, but looking at the list of leagues it isn't convincing at all. Just Russian as a new league - you must be kidding me! Where are Greek, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Argentinian leagues? Disappointing really...

D.TRISTAN 31-10-2010 15:48

FIFA 2011 for PS3 and XBOX, It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! But FIFA 2011 for PS2 and PC.. It's a little bit different and disappointed.

Joak 12-02-2011 18:34

ill play any guy and win easy its sick how good i am

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