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mig_superdepor 11-07-2007 22:02

Ex-Player topic: Aythami (born 1986, Defender)
News bulletin just in:
Depor has just signed another pearl from the Canary Islands, namely Las Palmas, a centre-back called Aythami. Hi sprice is 600,000 Euros. No idea who he is, except that he was being followed by many many clubs...

heidern 11-07-2007 22:04

He's a central defender and can play as a defensive midfielder (FM memories ;) )

caabrego 11-07-2007 22:07

The news were revealed by the national radio in Canary Islands

Damn!!!! We are signing one player per day! :D

Filip 11-07-2007 22:10

is he really a "pearl"? I dont know him at all, but i like the news :)

dejan84 11-07-2007 22:12

sweet this is a good signing.
It seems that the depor scouts have been playing FM overtime.
Transfer window is GREAT!

heidern 11-07-2007 22:13

What's funny is that I was playing a FM and took Deportivo in the middle of the game and he was like the key player :D

mig_superdepor 11-07-2007 22:17

Does this mean we are preparing for the exit of coloccini????

Penguin66 11-07-2007 22:17

We need FM screenshot! :D

Filip 11-07-2007 22:22


Originally Posted by mig_superdepor
Does this mean we are preparing for the exit of coloccini????

first let's think about replacing Andrade ;)

Fabian 11-07-2007 22:24

Great great great signing! Has been a key player for Las Palmas, which is pretty damn good seeing as he's only 21.

Benn 11-07-2007 22:27

I have absolutely no clue about who we just signed. Any info on him?

The DK Blanquiazul 11-07-2007 22:33

Ayathamyi who?:D
This transfer season is very good!

dejan84 11-07-2007 22:34

here is the screen
the guy is good, this is a very good longterm buy. I accept this as compesation for not getting alexis last year

heidern 11-07-2007 22:34

the transfer fee is 600.000 Euro?

Fabian 11-07-2007 22:35

Also great that we sign players from "lesser" teams, so as to avoid those stinking disgusting hellish buyback clauses.

Looks a bit like Luque..

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