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tengrimountain 31-05-2006 22:21

Winning Eleven and PES - PS2
Greetings fellows,

Does anyone play Deportivo in Winning Eleven or PES of PS2? Maybe we can discuss tactics and players here. i'm a legendary WE player around my neighbourhood, i play with Juventus and tried to change my team to Deportivo after i learned the story of Turkish flag. However personally i'm very disappointed since Deportivo's Tristan was so weak in game, even though wing players and defence was doing fine. Any ideas?

Black Legend - TURKIYE

rajacasa 31-05-2006 22:33

this topic should be moved to gaming forum...

Lebn8r 01-06-2006 13:57

Yes it should...

Sultan 31-12-2006 14:33

Hey man, I play WE 11. I play with Depor and I just won la liga by 2 points from Barca. Ofcourse the makers of the game made depor so weak but I fixed that using my memory card and the edit option ... I added 10 points to every player in every category. I also bought Delgado and Cavenaghi and they both play together upfront hehehe ... top goalscoarer of la liga was Delgado with 36 goals!!!


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