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hari 15-12-2010 17:56

dear DepHun, i remember sometime before, a member (i forgot his name) who constantly used to repeat letters in his sentence (may be due to his ignorance).. when some members (including me) in the forum made a little fun of him, i remember your sympathy towards him and calling it bullying..
isnt it the same thing thats happening here with u regarding Chris?
i've nothing against both of you in this particular topic and tried not to write on that but..
sorry for going offtopic..

DepHun 15-12-2010 18:14

That was Iranian Valeron :)

The difference is, that I have nothing against Chris. Really. I have just admitted, that I misunderstood him, and asked for forgiveness.

Although I would have enjoyed some nice debates going on, but my English is too limited even to understand him :)

DepHun 29-01-2013 17:34

Fabian 29-01-2013 17:59


Originally Posted by DepHun

Anyway, good that they are looking into it though I doubt it will change anything, Fifa being one of the most impenatrable institutions in the world. The more voices raised against this, the less chance that it'll happen again.

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