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caabrego 24-07-2019 17:49

Pre-season 2019/2020
About to start the first friendly Vs. Fabril:

hari 24-07-2019 17:51

Thanks for the link, Carlos..

american123 24-07-2019 18:44

Overall after the first 90 minutes:

-If Rolan stays we don't need another Striker. Santos, Rolan, and Kone are all very good.
-Valentin and Juanfran aren't very good and Simon and Boveda should be the 2 RB's.
-We need a 3rd CB ASAP. Without Somma you saw how weak the CB's will be and Mujaid still needs more time with Fabril.
-Gaku needs more time next to Alex to get used to his role. IMO he is better than Mosquera who looked really poor. Simple passes and calm on ball.
-We are going to miss Fede and will need to sign a winger if he leaves. Galan and Valle looked ok but when Cartabria is healthy he is special.
-Aketxe is going to be deadly on set pieces. He is not very involved during the game but when there is free kicks and corners he is one of the best I've seen.
-In terms of Fabril players (including the ones that played 1st team) I would say Valin (LB today), Mujaid(CB), Gandoy(MID), Pedro (ST), Alberto (GK) were the Top 5 in terms of potential.

abdul001 25-07-2019 05:36

nice one

caabrego 27-07-2019 17:56

About to start the second friendly Vs. Racing de Ferrol

caabrego 27-07-2019 18:00


caabrego 31-07-2019 20:00

Depor v Tenerife right now:

Filip 31-07-2019 20:12


Originally Posted by caabrego

are we the ones in pyamas?

american123 01-08-2019 01:54

I think by January Gandoy will be a starting midfielder and Valin starting at RB for us. Need that CB,LB, and ST in as soon as possible.

caabrego 03-08-2019 18:08

Deportivo vs Ponferradina

american123 03-08-2019 18:16

Seems that Anquela went with the strongest 11 for the first time in preseason. The younger players will play in the 2nd half.

Vatex 03-08-2019 19:24

goal valle :D that new shirts dont like :D

caabrego 10-08-2019 18:51

The game with Betis will be live at TVG.
Right now you can watch the ladies:

caabrego 10-08-2019 20:00

Other link to watch the game:

Deporlover 10-08-2019 20:11


Originally Posted by caabrego
Other link to watch the game:


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