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luquegol 31-01-2004 14:19

Ex-player topic: Rubén Castro (Attacker, now at Betis)
You guys heard?? where close to a deal with las palmas for ruben a young and tallented player hes pichichi in the 2 division here is an article,00.html

caabrego 31-01-2004 14:27

We will not pay anything for him because Las Palmas have a debt with us for the sell o Schurrer, so he will come in the season 2005-2006 because he will play on loan the next season in Las Palmas.

Xoán 31-01-2004 14:38



Ekholm 31-01-2004 15:47

So he's hired.
Is he a Deportivo-player from now on?
I don't really get it. if Real Madrid wants to buy him... to who will they offer money? Depor or Las Palmas?

luquegol 31-01-2004 15:59

hes is from deportivo but he will play next season loaned at las palmas :)

anuroc 31-01-2004 16:11

the only "dangerous" thing could be Ruben refusing to play another season in Las Palmas (remember Luque should have played last year at Mallorca and come here this summer but he said no and he came when he wanted)
I'd rather watching Ruben in Las Palmas getting playing time than here warming the bench

javientes 31-01-2004 16:24

Very good transfer! I was wondering when Depor would start thinking about the future. But as always, Lendoiro is thinking in advance.

He's Spanish, young and promising (under 21 International). Never seen him play, but it seems as a good deal :D

freakyy 31-01-2004 17:33

well like Javientes said, good thing for the future!

Mattias 31-01-2004 18:38

Lendoiro's policy of "more Frans" sounds good!!

depor_hk 01-02-2004 02:48

Maybe we can get him this summer if las palmas not promoted after season

javientes 04-02-2004 12:32

Newspapers say the Rubén deal is almost done. Depor will 'pay' 600.000 Euros. Las Palmas still owe Deportivo money for Schurrer (3.6 Million Euros)

Lendoiro has been very clever in this deal. Las Palmas did not have the money on that moment but Deportivo did not claim the money. Lendoiro told their president, he could pay when he wanted, so Deportivo have good connections with Las Palmas.

For what I understand Lendoiro forgives the debt but Depor will have extra rights on claiming new talents of Las Palmas in the future..

Who wants(Spanish speaker) to confirm this: :D

El club coruñés desembolsaría unos 600.000 euros por el jugador además de “perdonar” la deuda de Schurrer y se haría con más derechos de traspaso de otros hombres que quizá interesen en el futuro. Gracias a haber sabido esperar , el Deportivo fichará a otro “mirlo blanco”, como dice Lendoiro cuando se refiere a los buenos negocios.

Feliuk 04-02-2004 14:06

That's about it

Mattias 06-02-2004 21:44

Has anyone seen him play?

Xoán 06-02-2004 21:50

I didn't, but everybody is saying he's brilliant. His current coach doesn't like the idea of Rubén leaving the club...

anuroc 07-02-2004 12:37

I saw him a few times, he reminds me Tamudo. Fast, smart and good shoot.

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