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tonideportivoBG 23-06-2019 20:27

Quique is too slow today. He seems out of shape.

Marci 14 23-06-2019 20:28

Nahuel off

Marko 23-06-2019 20:30

Three injuries in match and a half. Unbelievable...

abdul001 23-06-2019 20:36

by God grace we will make it

MrButton 23-06-2019 20:38

Lago Junior is holding the ball very well...tough to steal it from him

Vatex 23-06-2019 20:38

here Fede would be great. he can hold the ball

benea 23-06-2019 20:38

Mallorca is awful, but we make them look like champions league quality...
Lago with 2 defenders close to him gets a clear shot on goal. Amazing amateurs!

Hori 23-06-2019 20:40

Baba is much better than Pedraza... Actually Baba is the best player for them so far... And we really miss Alex.

nitraM 23-06-2019 20:40

Why is Boveda playing and not David Simon?

peterke2000 23-06-2019 20:42

fllowing the game treu live score this shit is neverwreaking holly crap

nitraM 23-06-2019 20:44

Me and the fans at the game cheering on a goal that doesn't count even though we know it didnt count hahaha

Marko 23-06-2019 20:44

Pablo Mari should have scored there. It was a great free kick by Pedro.

american123 23-06-2019 20:49

Need to hold out for the first 15 minutes and hope to score from a set piece. One goal for us and we can begin to celebrate.

peterke2000 23-06-2019 20:50

this coud go either way still.

abdul001 23-06-2019 20:51

HT 1-0
we need a goal to define this game

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