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I understand that argument but when is the last time we developed a really creative player from the academy? The club needs to look back and see what is going right and what is going wrong. Just a guess, they are focusing too much on slow possession which is why most of the promising players are Defenders or Defensive Midfielders. Montiel was the most creative player last year at Fabril and came from Rayo. We need to change the focus and create players in the 7,9,10, and 11 spots which you can then convert to outside backs (our weakest positions). Abegondo was created using the CL money in 03 and we haven't used it to our advantage at all after getting a head start on many of the mid table teams. I am hoping that Mujaid, Gandoy, and Valin get their opportunities this year but there is still no attacking players that can change a game and season. We've seen in Segunda how important young pace and creativity is and we haven't gotten the hint in the development or in signings.
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