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Originally Posted by Mr Pink
Maybe it’s the wine talking, but today’s performance has really hit me hard. We, (the fans) do not deserve any more of this rubbish. We just want a committed team who cares us much as we do!!!!!

I think this performance hit hard least with changing the coach we could have expected that kind of "shock effect" that happens 90% when a team change a matter if this shock effect can fade away very soon.

The apathy of the players is still part of the club's management. When the management is choosing the option of getting experienced players that have played at 15 clubs before Depor, while the average period that a player stays at Depor is between 12 and 18 months (i'm reminding that Boveda was the captain yesterday) what can we expect?

Can anyone think on what the team of Depor veterans will be in 10-15 years? 99% of the players under the Tino era won't remember that they have played once at Depor
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